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"Tonight, a son lost a father. A wife lost a husband. And I lost a friend. Mayor Mitchell was a fighter for the city, and I will not rest until his killer is found. This was a truly senseless crime, and we are actively pursuing every investigative lead we have in order to identify the perpetrator and hunt him down."
Pete Savage[src]

The Assassination of Don Mitchell, Jr. was the murder of Gotham mayor Don Mitchell, Jr. and the start of the Riddler’s murder spree, who sought to expose corruption in Gotham City through extreme means.


As Don Mitchell, Jr. played with his son during Halloween, a mysterious figure watched them through binoculars, stalking the mayor in a disturbing way. Later, during the night, Mitchell watched the news about his campaign as mayor, arguing with his opponent, Bella Real. As he briefly walks away from the TV, the Riddler that was spying appears from the shadows without the mayor knowing it.