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"Fear is a tool. But when that light hits the sky, it's not just a call. It's a warning."

Bruce Wayne is a well-known socialite, a reclusive billionaire, the owner of Wayne Enterprises, and the violent, rage-fueled vigilante known as the Batman. After his parents' murder at the hands of Joe Chill, Bruce swore vengeance against all criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice for which he trained himself physically and intellectually to become Gotham City's embodiment of vengeance, using a lethal combination of mental mastery, physical strength, and expert technology to fight crime at night.[2]


Early Life[]

Bruce Wayne was born into the wealthy Wayne Family to Thomas and Martha Wayne in Gotham City, New Jersey.[1]

Losing his parents[]

At a young age, Bruce's parents were brutally gunned down by a mugger named Joe Chill right in front of him in an alleyway. After this traumatic incident, Bruce's life would drastically change forever.[1]

Becoming the Batman[]

Batman overlooking Gotham City

Taking the rage and hurt it caused him as motivation, with the help of his butler-turned-guardian, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce grew up to become the crime-fighting vigilante detective known as the Batman, striking great fear in the hearts of criminals he encountered.[1]

Year One[]

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Batman confronts street gang without fear

Year Two[]

By his second year as a vigilante, Batman had a working relationship with the Gotham City Police Department, forming a particularly strong bond with James Gordon. He would also help attempt to solve the case of the serial killer known as the Riddler. While attempting to solve this case, he would also come into conflict with cat burglar Catwoman and the notorious gang leader reluctantly known as Penguin[1].


Bruce Wayne is defined by the very tragedy that occurred all those years ago. When his parents died, he was forever changed and determined to rid Gotham City of its crime and corruption. This lifelong dedication is shown by how he honed his skills, strength, and intellect to become a vigilante. However, he grew to be a hateful, socially inept young man, unable to let go of his parents' deaths and would become a reclusive scion of Gotham’s richest family while questioning his family’s legacy.[2] He would take out his anger and frustration to Gotham's criminals given his brutal and terrifying methods. His reputation as the Batman has been unfavorable in the eyes of the GCPD and Gotham's residents as a result. Bruce is unbothered by how all this affects him given his rugged, gaunt appearance and the many scars he's accumulated, suggesting that he's willing to die for his crusade. In spite of his dark frame of mind, he is still a good and heroic man as his efforts are for making his city a better place, will save the innocent, won't actually kill his enemies. And even though he would prefer to work alone, he's willing to accept help from others like Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, and Selina Kyle when he knows he needs it.


  • Peak-human Condition: As a vigilante, Bruce is in top physical condition.[1]
    • Peak-human Strength: Batman's strength is at peak human levels, being easily strong enough to break a gang member's arm with minimal effort. He can casually send grown men flying off their feet with his attacks alone.
    • Peak-human Reflexes: Batman has exceptionally fast reflexes, quickly outmaneuvering a gang member's attack and beating him into the ground before he had a chance to react.
    • Peak-human Speed: To be added
  • Genius-level Intellect: To be added
    • Master Detective: To be added
  • Master Martial Artist: Bruce is exceptionally skilled in martial arts, capable of swiftly beating down a gang member in mere seconds. He then subsequently defeated the rest of the gang without difficulty. He also held his own in a fight with the highly skilled Catwoman, able to match her evenly blow to blow with neither outclassing the other.

    Batman and Catwoman are evenly matched

  • Expert Driver/Pilot: Bruce is very capable of driving multiple vehicles, such as cars; as Batman, he utilizes the "Batmobile" when out on patrol.[1]
  • Intimidation: As Batman, Bruce commands an intimidating presence, to the point where many criminals fear him, such as the Penguin, who called him "crazy".
  • Indomitable Will : To be added


  • Batsuit: Whilst fighting crime in Gotham, Bruce wore a protective black suit stylized like a bat designed to both terrify his enemies and hide his identity from them.[1]

The Batmobile is Batman's primary mode of transportation.

  • Batmobile: Bruce used a vehicle dubbed the Batmobile, whenever he was out on patrol as Batman.[1]
  • Batcycle: Bruce used a motorcycle whenever he was out on patrol as Batman or whenever he was needed to do stealth recon.[1]
  • Utility Belt: As Batman, Bruce carries with him a utility belt consisting primarily of a strap and buckle, that houses many pouches or cylindrical cartridges attached to its outside each containing one of his various gadgets.[1]
    • Batarangs: Batman uses a roughly bat-shaped throwing non-lethal weapon. The batarangs serve as instruments of disarming, distraction, confusion or simply to warn his would-be adversaries that Batman is present.[1]
    • Handcuffs: Batman carries around handcuffs that are used to handcuff enemies and leave them for the police officers from GCPD to bring them in.[1]

Batman grapples up to escape the GCPD

  • Grapple Gun: As Batman, Bruce uses a length of monofilament wire attached to a spool. It could be used to make a quick ascent to a rooftop or offensively to pull people or objects.






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