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"It's not just a call. It's a warning."Batman

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"I'm starting to see now. I have had an effect here, but not the one I intended. Vengeance won't change the past, mine or anyone else's. I have to become more. People need hope, to know someone's out there for them. The city's angry, scarred, like me. Our scars can destroy us, even after the physical wounds have healed. But if we survive them, they can transform us. They can give us the power... to endure, and the strength to fight."

Bruce Wayne is a reclusive billionaire, the current owner of Wayne Enterprises, and the wrathful vigilante known as the Batman. After the ruthless murder of his parents, Wayne swore vengeance against all criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice for which he trained himself physically and intellectually, all to become Gotham City's dark guardian, using a lethal combination of mental mastery, physical strength, and expert technology to fight crime at night.


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Early Life[]

A Time Before[]

Bruce Wayne and his parents

Bruce Thomas Wayne was born in September 17th 1991 in the wealthy Wayne Family to Thomas and Martha Wayne in Gotham City, New York. Bruce originally grew up in Wayne Manor until 1997 when he was six, after which he and his parents moved into Wayne Tower upon turning the manor into an orphanage when Thomas began his mayoral campaign.[2]

Losing his Parents to Crime[]

At age ten, on October 2001 Bruce's parents were brutally gunned down by an unnamed killer. It is later revealed that Alfred suspects the gunman to be an assassin sent by Carmine Falcone, but could never confirm it. That event that would drastically change Bruce's life forever. He used his rage and hurt to motivate him to become the best at everything, and vowed to get rid Gotham's streets of crime.[1]

Reborn Anew[]

Teenage Years[]

In 2004, Wayne was thirteen when he first discovered the abandoned Wayne Terminus train station that had been located underneath Wayne Tower, the location which would later become the Batcave. Wayne chose to keep its existence a secret out of respect to his parents, although Alfred Pennyworth ultimately became aware of its existence. When he was sixteen, Wayne got his driver's license and began using a vintage sports car, unbeknownst to him that it would later become the Batmobile.

At seventeen, Wayne returned to Gotham City for the summer after completing his junior year at boarding school abroad. While initially unsure of how to spend the summer, Wayne decided take up street racing by using the vintage car he had received the year prior. Through this, he met Dex Starling, a fellow street racer, who introduced him to her group of friends who were also street racers. During this time, Wayne never told Starling that he was actually Bruce Wayne, instead telling her his name was "Paul".

Wayne's street racing activities eventually came into contact with a seventeen-year-old named Edward Nashton who after nearly being killed during one of the group's illegal street races, decided to get revenge by planting a bomb on Starling's car. This caused Starling's car to explode and burst into flames. Starling was almost engulfed in the flames before Wayne kicked in the window and saved her. Wayne left Starling at scene before the GCPD arrived, but not without taking a piece of evidence from the car bomb. Starling never found out that "Paul" was actually Bruce Wayne.

After running tests on the piece of evidence, Wayne realized that someone had planted the bomb and attempted to kill Starling. However, due to his inexperience and lack of proper training, he was unable to identify Nashton as the culprit. It was because of this experience that Wayne decided to give up street racing altogether. While examining the piece of evidence in the Wayne Terminus, Pennyworth surprised Wayne by revealing that not only did he know about the Terminus' existence but also that he knew about Wayne's nighttime street races as well. Pennyworth proceeded to tell Wayne that instead of running from what happened to his mother and father in the past, he should find "something to run towards." It was in this moment that Wayne decided to start training to avenge his parents' murder. He would not come into contact with Starling or Nashton again for over a decade.[2]

Traveling & Training[]

The following year, Wayne graduated from boarding school at the top of his class. He then spent the next eleven years attending multiple colleges around the world and constantly switching universities based on the field he was studying. He studied multiple different branches of science including biology, chemistry, and physics.

While traveling abroad, he also studied various different styles of martial arts from masters in multiple countries. From each teacher he learned many defenses and tactics, which turned Wayne into a truly dangerous fighter. At some point, Wayne also trained in some form of base jumping, which later gave him the knowledge to design a wingsuit.[2]

The Batman[]

Year One[]

Despite the pleadings from his butler-turned-guardian, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce trained for years and grew up a genius detective and brutal combatant. Using his vast fortune, he made a bat-like costume and various gadgets and weapons, and became the violent crime-fighting vigilante detective known as the Batman, striking great fear in the hearts of criminals he encountered. He also took control of Wayne Enterprises, although he earned a reputation as a recluse, rarely being seen by the public.

Over the course of his first year as a vigilante, the Batman formed a close working relationship with the Gotham City Police Department, in particular the young lieutenant Jim Gordon, whom he even came to call a friend. The GCPD ended up placing a spotlight on top of a building that would shine a bat-shaped shadow on the clouds, signaling Batman to come to the police's aid.

Capturing the Joker[]

During that same year, Batman came in contact with a serial killer who went by the moniker the Joker, and was even stalked by him at a public event when under his Bruce Wayne persona. Joker was later defeated by the vigilante and incarcerated into Arkham State Hospital.[1]

Riddler's Game[]

Taking on a Gang of Thugs[]

Batman attacks gang of thugs

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"
"I'm vengeance."
―Train Gang Leader and Batman[src]

On Halloween night, during his second year as a vigilante, Batman would take on a group of thugs that would accost a male adult. As the thugs were about to beat on the man, Batman appeared and subdued them. After defeating all of them, Batman managed to scare them and let one of them escape, since the last one did not want to commit crimes, for which the vigilante felt pity. After the thugs fled, the man looked at Batman with fear and begged him not to hurt him.[1]

Death of Mayor Mitchell[]

Batman sees the Bat Signal lit in the sky.

Shortly thereafter, the Batman was summoned by Lieutenant Gordon, via the Bat-signal, to help with the investigation of the murder of Gotham's mayor, Don Mitchell, Jr., the first major casualty of the serial killer known as the Riddler.

Batman investigating the murder scene

While investigating Riddler's rampage of destruction, Batman learned of the dark truths of the city's corruption and how they tied back to his own family. While attempting to solve this case, he would also come into conflict with the notorious gang leader reluctantly known as the Penguin. Batman visited the Iceberg Lounge, which he then infiltrated in order to get to the Penguin. Whilst interrogating him to see what the Penguin knew, Batman encountered Selina Kyle, a waitress at the lounge, of whom Batman was suspicious.[1]

Meeting Catwoman[]

Batman and Catwoman discuss their plan

After interrogating the Penguin, Batman followed Catwoman home, and went into his Drifter disguise, and witnessed her comfort her friend Annika Kosolov and eventually suit up as Catwoman. The masked burglar was followed by the vigilante to the Mitchell Mansion where she broke in and pursued her friend's passport which Mitchell had taken prior to his death. Batman confronted Catwoman, however, and had a minor altercation, until he decided to team up with her to discover more about the corruption in the city.

Selina led Batman to her home, where she found Annika missing, along with her phone. Afterwards, the Riddler publicly livestreamed the death of Commissioner Pete Savage, where he executed him through a rat maze surrounded by his head for rats to burrow his body alive. Selina recognized the commissioner and revealed the existence of a hidden mob hangout within the Iceberg Lounge called the 44 Below to Batman, and how Savage and many other people visit the area who should not be attending there.[1]

Visiting An Old Friend[]

After examining the dead body of Pete Savage and discovering a new message from the Riddler, Batman decides to pay a visit to the Joker in Arkham State Hospital. During the consultation, Joker reveals how Riddler is a nobody who wants to be somebody, and how his motives are very personal, along with telling Batman how similar he is to Riddler, claiming both of them to be "masked avengers". Batman is told by Joker that he speculates his fear over the Riddler's killings is how they're not actually wrong, and how his victims deserved what came to them.[1]

Working with Selina[]

After Selina Kyle told Batman about 44 Below, Batman tells her to go there and investigate, and gives her his contact lenses so he can see everything she sees. While there, Selina runs into district attorney Gil Colson, and finds out that he is on Carmine Falcone's payroll, and before they died, so were Don Mitchell, Jr. and Pete Savage. Later, Batman presses Selina on what her relationship with Falcone is, but she refuses to tell and cuts ties with him.[1]

The Funeral Incident[]

Bruce sees the letter on Gil Colson's chest.

Wayne decides to go to the funeral of Don Mitchell, Jr., assuming that Riddler would be there. This marked one of the few times he was in public, and ran into Carmine Falcone, who also was rarely in the open. The two exchanged a few words, and then Wayne headed inside. He talked to a bitter person at the funeral, who said that Mitchell had it coming, before Bella Reál, a candidate for the upcoming Gotham election, interrupted him. Wayne walked with her, before Reál went to go pay respects to Mrs. Mitchell. Wayne then looked at Mitchell's son, empathizing with him, before he heard Jim Gordon telling Chief Mackenzie Bock that Gil Colson was missing. Martinez then waved at Wayne, who ignored him. Screams were then heard, and the roaring of an engine. Wayne looked up and saw Riddler watching from the balcony. A car then crashed into the church, and Wayne tackled Mitchell's son, who had walked into the aisle, to get him out of the path of the car. Gordon ordered the driver to get out, and it was revealed to be Colson. Gordon lowered his gun, but another cop screamed that he had a bomb, and the church was evacuated.

Batman witnesses Gil Colson exploding

At night, Batman arrived into the church to answer the Riddler's phone call. He took the tape off Colson's mouth and answered the call. Riddler then told Batman that he had been trying to reach him and that he was a part of all of his doings. Riddler was streaming the whole altercation between him, Batman, and Colson to many of his followers. Riddler tells Colson that he has to answer three riddles in two minutes, and he will give the combination to unlock the bomb from his neck. Batman helps Colson answer the first two, but then the Riddler asks Colson to give the name of the informant who ratted out Maroni to the Gotham City Police Department. Colson refused to tell, saying that if he did, his family would be targeted, and that if he does not give it up, he would die, but his loved ones will be safe. The bomb exploded, and Batman was knocked unconscious, and then arrested.[1]

Escaping GCPD[]

Batman and Jim Gordon discuss escaping

"I've got you on assault on an officer!"
"You've got me on assaulting three."
Mackenzie Bock and Batman[src]

Still unconscious, Batman was taken to Gotham City Police Headquarters, where they attempted to unmask him, but he awoke and fought off a few officers, before Mackenzie Bock confronted him. Batman lashed out at him, but Jim Gordon attempted to restrain him. He asked Bock to talk to Batman alone, which Bock consented to.

Batman manages to escape from the police

Gordon gave Batman a key, and told him how to get to the roof. Batman punched Gordon to make it look like Gordon had no involvement, and ran to the staircase, grappling up, and avoiding gunfire. When he got onto the roof, Batman hesitated before putting on his wingsuit and barely escaped, but glided right into a bus, but was not heavily injured.[1]

Chase of the Penguin[]

Having found out Riddler's message in the death trap used to kill Pete Savage is "You are El Rata Alada", which translates in English to "The Winged Rat, Batman suspects that the Penguin is the winged rat they're looking for. Jim Gordon agrees that it is a possibility, and asks how Batman wants to do it. They try to interrupt a drug deal involving Drops, but Catwoman gives them away after trying to steal some drug money. Batman brings in the Batmobile, and gives chase as the Penguin tries to escape. After staying close on Penguin's tail, Penguin tries to shoot through the Batmobile's windows, to no avail. Batman is then forced to veer left, and away from the Penguin, to avoid a truck. He gets back after him, in the opposite line of traffic, and gains on the Penguin with the help of the Batmobile's afterburner. The Penguin then crashes several vehicles in Batman's line of path, forcing him to try and avoid them. Batman then rides one of the truck's ramps and out of the flames, to Penguin's dismay.

The Batmobile running down the Penguin

After capturing the Penguin, he takes him to Gordon, where they both question whether or not he is El Rata Alada, The Winged Rat. The Penguin is confused, and asks whether the Riddler is stupid, and mocks the two as the correct Spanish translation would be La Rata Alada, not El Rata Alada. Gordon and Batman decide to ask the Riddler, and Riddler is disappointed. He tells them to go to the Gotham Orphanage, and they leave immediately, leaving the Penguin tied up.

Visiting the Orphanage[]

Batman and Jim Gordon search for clues

When Batman and Jim Gordon had reached the Gotham Orphanage, they encounter a few dropheads, who were using the abandoned orphanage as shelter. Batman and Gordon entered a room, with "WHERE IT ALL BEGAN" painted in green on the door. A video of Thomas Wayne's mayoral campaign ad is playing, with several messages across the room, including "SINS OF THE FATHER" and "RENEWAL IS A LIE". Batman had then realized that he is the Riddler's next target, and disappeared to go back to Wayne Tower, leaving Gordon alone.

Riddler's Letter Bomb[]

On his way back to Wayne Tower, Bruce desperately tries to contact Alfred and warn him of the impending danger. Eventually, the call is answered, but not by Alfred. Instead, Dory answers, and Bruce tells her that "something terrible is about to happen". To his dismay, Dory informs him that it already did, and Bruce realizes she is telling the truth as he sees smoke flowing out of Wayne Tower.

The Sins of the Father[]

Talking to Falcone and Alfred[]

"You lied to me... my whole life. I spoke to Carmine Falcone. He told me what he did for my father. About Salvatore Maroni."
―Bruce accusing Alfred of lying to him[src]

A short while after sending the letter bomb, Riddler leaks Thomas Wayne's involvement in the death of Edward Elliot. The Riddler revealed that Thomas Wayne went to Carmine Falcone and asked him to put the "fear of god" into the reporter, but Falcone killed him instead. Trying to find out if the Riddler was telling the truth, Bruce went to the Iceberg Lounge and talked to Falcone. Falcone confirmed that it was indeed true, saying that his father asked him to handle it, which he did.

Distraught and angry, Bruce confronted Alfred, who told him that Thomas had made a mistake, to which Bruce responded by saying that getting someone killed isn't a mistake. Alfred tried to reason with him, saying that Thomas was trying to protect him and his mother. When Thomas found out, he threatened to turn Falcone over to the Gotham City Police Department, which Alfred suspected was the reason Bruce's parents were killed, but he was never able to confirm. Bruce apologizes to Alfred, but sees the Bat Signal lit in the sky, and leaves to go meet Jim Gordon.

Interrogating Kenzie[]

Batman arrives at the same time as Gordon, much to their confusion. Gordon assumed Batman had lit the signal, while Batman assumed the opposite. The two head up to investigate, and see Catwoman had captured and tied up William Kenzie. Kenzie pleads with Gordon to help him, but Selina shuts him up and shows Batman and Gordon the message Annika Kosolov had sent her the night she went missing. Batman pressures Kenzie, and Kenzie reveals everything about the lie of the Gotham Renewal Corporation and the rat that ended Salvatore Maroni's operation. Kenzie said that after the death of Thomas Wayne, the renewal fund was free money for criminals, and everyone jumped in to get a slice of money. However, Falcone got greedy and ratted out Maroni to Don Mitchell, Jr. and the Gotham City Police Department, which led to the arrest of Maroni.

After learning this, Catwoman kicked Kenzie off the building, but Batman was able to grapple him, and he and Gordon pulled Kenzie up. Batman then moved to pursue Catwoman to the Iceberg Lounge while Gordon went to round up as many honest cops as he could.

Assassination of Carmine Falcone[]

Batman successfully infiltrated the Iceberg Lounge, and found Falcone trying to strangle Selina the same way he strangled Annika Kosolov with a pool cue. Batman stopped Falcone, and took him out to Gordon and honest cops of the Gotham City Police Department. Gordon read out Falcone's rights, while Penguin insulted Falcone, calling him a rat. Falcone responded by calling Penguin a gimp in an empty suit, and Penguin pulled a gun on him, and Falcone fell dead. Penguin was arrested, while he was insisting that he did not shoot Falcone. Batman then realized that Falcone had been killed under a street light, fulfilling the task Riddler had given Gordon and Batman, telling them to "bring the rat into the light." Batman looked for where the shots had come from, when Martinez pointed out they had come from across the street.

Arresting the Riddler[]

Investigating Riddler's Apartment[]

Batman and the rest of the Gotham City Police Department infiltrated the Riddler's Apartment, and Batman looked through an open window to see where the Riddler had gone, but to no avail. Batman told Gordon this, but Martinez reported to Gordon that a witness saw a person use the fire escape and was sitting at the corner diner at that very moment. Batman and Gordon, along with the other cops all went to arrest the Riddler.

Confronting the Riddler[]

The police came into the diner, and as the witness said, saw Edward Nashton sitting there. As soon as he was ordered to do so, Nashton surrendered. He told Gordon that he had just ordered a slice of pumpkin pie, but was slammed to the counter by Martinez and another cop. He was then dragged off and taken to Arkham State Hospital. All this occurred as Batman watched through the window of the diner, being unable to interfere.

Speaking to the Riddler[]

"You think you'll be remembered? You're a pathetic psychopath, begging for attention."
"You're gonna die alone in Arkham."
"No. No, no, no!"
"A nobody!"
―Batman and Edward Nashton[src]

Following the arrest, Gordon and Batman, along with detectives from the Gotham City Police Department investigated the Riddler's Apartment further, finding out that the Riddler was actually a forensics accountant by the name of Edward Nashton, which is how he was able to verify the bribes the corrupt city officials such as Gil Colson had been making. During the investigation, Gordon informed Batman that Nashton was requesting to speak with him at Arkham State Hospital.

Batman yells at Riddler through the glass

Upon arrival, the Riddler began to talk about how Batman had inspired all his killings, saying that the two were a great team. Batman furiously denied this, calling Nashton a psychopath, and saying that he would die alone. Nashton broke down, and began to scream, saying that he had had everything planned out, and that he and Batman were going to be safe at Arkham State Hospital while they could watch everything unfold. Batman asked what they were going to watch, much to Nashton's disappointment. Nashton said that Batman was not as smart as he thought he was. Batman got frustrated, and decided to go back to Nashton's Apartment to find out what Nashton was talking about.

Revisiting Riddler's Apartment[]

Batman and Martinez look at the map of Gotham City

Batman arrived back at Nashton's apartment, but while digging through, was confronted by Martinez. As Batman reached out for the tool the Riddler had used to kill Don Mitchell, Jr., Martinez noted that it was used to tuck in carpets, as his uncle worked with such tools. Batman then used the tool on Riddler's carpet, and he and Martinez stared in horror at the map of Gotham with beeping lights where strategically placed vans were poised to blow and destroy the Gotham seawall. Batman used the words in the middle of the map, "A REAL CHANGE", as the password for the Riddler's locked stream. He saw that the Riddler had persuaded his followers to dress as him and attempt to assassinate mayor-elect Bella Reál at Gotham Square Garden. Batman rushed to stop them, leaving Martinez desperately trying to call Gordon.

Battle at Gotham Square Garden[]

Batman looks into the sky, covered in dirt and mud

"I'm starting to see now. I have had an effect here... but not the one I intended. Vengeance won't change the past, mine or anyone else's. I have to become more. People need hope. To know someone's out there for them."
―Bruce Wayne[src]

Riddler's followers were able to shoot Bella Reál but it wasn't enough to kill her, and Batman arrived through the glass roof to take them down. Batman began taking them out and leaving them hanging over the ground. After taking another goon out, the goon grabbed a shotgun and shot Batman in the chest. Batman stumbled backward, and was barely able to hang onto the walkway. The goon readied the killing shot, but was stopped by Selina Kyle. Selina pulled Batman up, and the two shared a kiss, before Selina was dragged away by one of Riddler's followers, who she attempted to fight off. Batman took a shot of adrenaline, and proceeded to beat up the goon, until Jim Gordon came and stopped him. Shortly after, the building began to collapse, and electrical wires were dangling over the water. Bruce grappled over, and sliced the wire, with his suit absorbing the shock. He fell into the water below, but was able to recover quickly. He took a flare and led Bella Reál, Don Mitchell, Jr.'s Son, and other people out of the building and to higher ground, so they could be evacuated or tended to for injuries. Bruce realized he needed to be more for the people of Gotham City, and acknowledged that he had had the wrong effect on the city, saying that vengeance wouldn't be able to change the past, but hope could be what people need.

Farewell Lover[]

After assisting Gotham City after Riddler's attack, Batman visited Selina Kyle, who was remembering her mother at her grave, Selina revealed to Batman that she was leaving the city, to somewhere like Blüdhaven, and that he should come with her, to which he refuses, as she already knows his pre-made decision and accepts. She warns him about the dangers of protecting the city, and how it could cost him his life, though, he already knows, and still wills to defend it. Batman's final words to Selina are to take care of herself, as they both ride their bikes and part their separate ways.


"It's gettin' serious, Bruce. If this continues, it won't be long before you've nothing left."
"I don't care about that. Any of that."
"You don't care about your family's legacy?"
"What I'm doing is my family's legacy. If I can't change things here, if I can't have an effect, then I don't care what happens to me."
Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne[src]

Bruce Wayne is defined by the very tragedy that occurred all those years ago. When his parents died, he was forever changed and determined to rid Gotham City of its crime and corruption. This lifelong dedication is shown by how he honed his skills, strength, and intellect to become a vigilante.

However, he grew to be a vengeful, socially inept young man, a loner unable to let go of his parents' deaths and would become a reclusive scion of Gotham’'s richest family while questioning his family’s legacy. He would lash out his anger and frustration at Gotham's criminals with his brutal and terrifying demeanor. As a result of this, his reputation as the Batman has been unfavorable in the eyes of both the GCPD and Gotham's residents who view him as a dangerous loose cannon. The city's criminal underworld are largely terrified of him, believing him to be either psychotic, a paranormal or supernatural threat, or both.

Bruce is unbothered by how all this affects him given his rugged, gaunt appearance and the many scars he's accumulated, suggesting that he's completely willing to face imprisonment or even die for his crusade. He also possesses an apparent fearlessness, which could be interpreted by some as suicidal insanity—much to the dismay of his butler and legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth who fears that one day Bruce's luck will finally run out.

In spite of his dark frame of mind, he is still a good and heroic man as his efforts are for making his city a better place. He will do everything he possibly can to save the innocent, and won't actually kill any of his enemies believing that to do so would only serve to lower him down to their level. All of this he says is his way upholding his family's legacy. And even though he would prefer to work alone, he's willing to accept help from others like Alfred, Jim Gordon, and Selina Kyle when he knows he needs it. Bruce also begins to question his purpose as Batman during the aftermath of Gotham's flooding, seeking to become a more hopeful leader and symbol for the people of Gotham.

Bruce also strongly believes in the possibility of redemption and second chances likely as a result of his own perceived feelings of failure to act when his parents needed saving. After seeing how one of the Train Gang members was visibly hesitant with the idea of robbing and beating a defenseless man, he allowed that member to escape unharmed despite the fact that he could've still apprehended him. When Selina Kyle became fixated on the idea of killing Carmine Falcone for all of the pain he's caused her in the past, rather then incapacitate her, Bruce instead tried to reason with her pointing out that her killing her own father would only end up making her more miserable in addition to making her a wanted murderer in the eyes of the law and that he believed she was better then that.

Aside from the given PTSD and depression from his parents' murder, this version of Bruce also shows signs that he's on the Autism spectrum.


  • Peak Human Condition: Bruce Wayne spent years training in intense weightlifting techniques and martial arts, as well maintaining a strict diet, and as a result is in peak physical condition. As a teenager, he would regularly engage in hour long workouts involving weightlifting in the gym and sparring sessions with Alfred. During his years of training abroad, he would constantly augment his workout routine, ranging from working out in the finest gyms at one time and lifting milk jugs filled with sand as kettlebells the next time. Bruce regularly engages in intense physical exercise to keep his body in the best shape possible, to the point that he has developed a muscular physique.
    • Peak Human Strength: Batman's strength is at peak human levels, being easily strong enough to break a gang member's arm with minimal effort. He can casually send grown men flying off their feet with his attacks alone. In addition, his superior strength is further demonstrated by being able to perform agile and acrobatic maneuvers while wearing over 60 pounds of armor.
    • Peak Human Durability: Bruce shows to have little to no effect when taking damage. This feat is shown when he is fighting off a small gang of criminals and is struck multiple times and able to shrug off the hits. When Gil Colson explodes only a couple feet away from Bruce, he is only knocked unconscious. When gliding through the city, Bruce crashes and tumbles but is able to recover within seconds, though visibly staggered. Further, Bruce is able to shrug off and endure multiple gunshots from hand guns to rifles, albeit heavily armored and still show little to no pain beyond the occasional grimace. It’s not until he’s shot with multiple high caliber rounds that it begins to show it’s effect.
    • Peak Human Speed: Bruce is very fast and uses ancient techniques that Olympians use to increase speed.
    • Peak Human Agility: Bruce is very nimble and agile in combat, being able to clear an entire hallway of gunmen in mere seconds before many of them could even react. Bruce further demonstrates his superior agility by being able to dodge being shot by two of Riddler's followers, that were positioned directly in front of and behind him with their guns drawn.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Bruce stamina helps him get back up, especially when he's gone through the worst.
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Batman has extremely quick reflexes, swift outmaneuvering a gang leader's attack and beating him into the ground before he had a chance to react. He also caught William Kenzie with his Grapple Gun after Catwoman pushed him over the ledge of a building.
"You could have pulled that punch, man.
I did."
―Jim Gordon to Batman[src]
  • Master Martial Artist:

    Batman and Catwoman are evenly matched

    Bruce is exceptionally skilled in martial arts, capable of swiftly beating down a gang member in mere seconds. His fighting style seems to be a mixture of Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Silat, and Kali. As a child and teenager, Bruce was initially trained in martial arts by Alfred in a style which he jokingly referred to as "Bruce-Jitsu". Bruce would go on to spend about a decade traveling the world, gaining the skills necessary to aid him on his crusade. Building on the training Alfred had given him as a boy, he sought to further improve his skills in combat by training under various martial arts masters from around the world. By borrowing moves and tactics from various disciplines, Bruce we go onto become a truly dangerous fighter. Two years of being a vigilante furthered Bruce's combat skills by stopping various crimes around Gotham. When Bruce came across the Train Gang, he was able to take down the leader in a mere few seconds, despite the leader being armed with a machete. He then subsequently defeated the rest of the gang without any difficulty. While attempting to interrogate Penguin at the Iceberg Lounge, Bruce took down multiple members of Penguin's security with ease, including William Kenzie and The Twins. He also managed to stalemate the highly skilled Catwoman, with neither managing their fight with one another. When invading the Iceberg Lounge, Bruce was able to defeat a number of oncoming goons with ease. This skill is shown once again when taking down Riddler's Cult in the Gotham Stadium.
  • Expert Marksman: Bruce is capable of firing his grappling hook with pinpoint accuracy to repel him to safety. He did so when escaping GCPD officers at Gotham City Police Headquarters by firing the hook and pulling himself up the stairwell. He also managed to take down The Twins simultaneously in the Iceberg Lounge.
"It's been two years now and I don't even know who you are, man."
―Jim Gordon to Batman[src]
  • Master Spy: Bruce often travels through Gotham City under a drifter disguise in order to move around the city without drawing attention to himself. While operating as Batman, Bruce has also managed to keep his identity a secret to the public with only Alfred Pennyworth knowing his true identity. Jim Gordon commented how even after two years of working together, he had no idea who Batman really was. Bruce is a master of stealth and can easily blend into the shadows, to the point where criminals believe he’s lurking around every corner and every shadow. In addition He was also able to sneak up on Selina Kyle and disappear on Jim Gordon and Officer Martinez without any of them noticing. He has an easy time gaining access to sealed off crime scenes when he needs to conduct his own detective work. He was able to tail Selina from the Iceberg Lounge to her apartment and to the Don Mitchell, Jr.'s mansion while in his drifter disguise.
"Really? You're normally so ahead of the curve."
―Joker to Batman[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Bruce is a highly intelligent and polymathic genius, with extensive knowledge in chemistry, biology, physics, and applied science. In addition to being well versed in investigative techniques and forensic science. Bruce is an obsessive tinkerer with an extraordinarily inventive mind, with great knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering. This extensive knowledge in engineering would go onto help him build the Batmobile, in addition to the Batsuit and various gadgets. All of his tools and gear are meticulously crafted with his own two hands. In high school, he consistently made the Dean's list and got straight A's due to the sense of pleasure he would get from spending long hours just studying. He enjoyed studying and learning, it allowed him to bury himself in books to avoid socializing with other classmates. He not only graduated from high school at the top of his class, but also attended multiple different colleges where he studied various subjects, including biology, physics, and chemistry. According to the Joker, Bruce is normally ahead of the curve.
    • Master Detective: Bruce has been shown on multiple occasions to be a detective genius, capable of forensic techniques, observation, and deductive reasoning. He is considered by many to be the "world's greatest detective." He was more than capable of solving the majority of Riddler's riddles, only with limited help such as from Alfred when it came to deciphering certain clues.
    • Master Engineer: Bruce has extensive knowledge when it comes to engineering and vehicle operations. Being a bit of a gearhead, Bruce was able to design and build all of his gadgets and technology. Bruce began working on the Batmobile at sixteen, and later would go on to add several modifications to the car. Including a custom afterburning turbojet engine for sudden bursts of extreme speed. by the time he was operating as a vigilante. He was able to design and build his Batsuit from scratch from experimental, high-tech ballistic materials unavailable to commercial manufacturers through his access to research files from the R&D division of Wayne Enterprises. He also designed a form of contact lenses which allowed him to view and record everything around him, as well as identify any individual simply by looking at them with the aid of facial recognition technology and access to various databases. He designed the Batcomputer which is more advanced than most computers on the public market.
    • Master Scientist: Bruce has displayed extensive knowledge of chemistry. At a young age, Bruce began to experiment with figuring out what random compounds were that he would find, such as identifying a piece of gum that he found on a bench. By the time he was seventeen, he already had a chemistry lab set up in Wayne Terminus which allowed him to discover that someone had tampered with Dex's car. Eleven years later, his skills in chemistry grew even better after spending years studying multiple branches of science at some of best colleges around the world. He was able to identify the military chemical being used by Piggy Porcello in his illegal explosives operation. When sending anonymous letters to the GCPD with chemical analysis's, one officer commented that whoever was sending them knew what they were doing.
    • Expert Driver: Bruce is a very capable evasive driver in multiple vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. As a teenager, he briefly took up illegal street racing. During the few racing he took part in, he left another driver in the dust and nearly won his first race. As Batman, he utilizes the "Batmobile" when out on patrol. He was able to chase down Penguin while driving at a very high rate of speed on a crowded highway, while avoiding multiple vehicles and driving off a ramp through a tanker explosion.
"Two years of nights have turned me into a nocturnal animal. I must choose my targets carefully. It's a big city. I can't be everywhere. But they don't know where I am. We have a signal now. For when I'm needed. But when that light hits the sky, it's not just a call. It's a warning. To them. Fear... is a tool. They think I'm hiding in the shadows. But I am the shadows."
  • Intimidation: As Batman, Bruce commands an intimidating presence using the dark streets of Gotham to his advantage, to the point where many criminals fear him. After two years of operating as a vigilante, Bruce had already managed to put enough fear into the hearts of most of Gotham's criminals to the point that just the sight of the Bat-Signal in the night sky was enough to deter several criminals from committing illegal acts simply out of fear that Batman might be nearby waiting to pounce.
"Don't be sorry, Alfred. God. I never thought I’d feel fear like that again. I thought I'd mastered all that. I mean, I'm not afraid to die. I realize now there's something I haven’t got past. This fear... of ever going through any of that again. Of losing somebody I care about."
―Bruce Wayne to Alfred Pennyworth[src]
  • Indomitable Will: Bruce has tremendous strength of will and incredible determination. After witnessing his parents' murder, rather than let it destroy him, he resolved to avenge them fighting crime in Gotham as a vigilante.



  • Glock Knife: Batman's chest plate carries a bat-shaped glock knife which he can utilize at anytime and is also his bat logo.
  • Grapple Gun:

    Batman deploys his grapple against Penguin's thugs

    Batman uses a length of monofilament wire attached to a spool. It could be used to make a quick ascent to a rooftop or offensively to pull people or objects. Different from previous Batman movies, it's an arm-hidden design for quick deploy and surprise attack. The replacement hooks seem to be stored in the forearm armor. The Batman has two of this grapple gun hidden under both of his arms.
  • Taser: Similar to his grapple gun, Bruce uses a taser which is concealable via an arm-hidden design gun hidden under his right arm.

Other Equipment[]

  • Batsuit: Whilst fighting crime in Gotham, Wayne wore a protective black suit of armor, stylized like a bat designed to both conceal his identity and terrify his enemies.
  • Batcomputer: In the batcave batman can be seen looking at the news and using programs installed on the Bat computer to help him with his investigations and crimesolving.
  • Utility Belt: As Batman, Wayne carries with him a utility belt consisting primarily of a strap and buckle, that houses many pouches or cylindrical cartridges attached to its outside each containing one of his various gadgets.
    • Handcuffs: Batman carries around handcuffs that are used to handcuff enemies and leave them for the police officers from GCPD to bring them in.
    • Adrenaline Shot: During the Battle at Gotham Square Garden, Wayne used a vial containing a unknown green liquid to inject himself with some form of adrenaline-like boost of energy which he used to beat down on a member of Riddler's Cult. It is located in one of his front pouches.
    • Binoculars: Wayne used a pair of binoculars to watch a meet up between Dex Starling and Piggy Porcello from a distance in an attempt to take down Porcello's explosives operation. He also used them to spy on Selina Kyle in her apartment from a rooftop.
    • Tracking Devices: Bruce used a tracking device he planted on a robber connected to Piggy Porcello's explosives operation to track him down.
    • Sticky bombs: Bruce used sticky bombs during the Battle at Gotham Square Garden to attack Riddler's Followers.
  • The Gotham Project: As part of his plan to help save Gotham City, Wayne keeps a series of journals entitled "The Gotham Project" which he uses to catalog his patrols and write down his inner thoughts about progress and failures regarding his actions as Batman.
  • Drifter Outfit: While out on patrol, Wayne disguises himself as a drifter to prevent anyone from recognizing him while in public. This outfit consists of a black jacket, red baseball cap, scarf, beige cargo pants, black combat boots, white hand wraps, and a backpack to carry the Batsuit in.

Former Equipment[]

  • Laptop: When Bruce first began operating as Batman, prior to setting up the Batcomputer, he initially used a laptop as a way to gain information via the internet. He used this investigating Piggy Porcello's explosives operation.


  • Batmobile:

    The Batmobile is Batman's primary mode of transportation

    Wayne uses a black 1969 Dodge Charger dubbed the Batmobile, whenever he was out on patrol as Batman.
  • Batcycle: Wayne used a motorcycle whenever he was out on patrol as Batman or whenever he was needed to do stealth recon.
  • Drifter Motorcycle: Wayne uses a 1960's Café racer motorcycle to get around the city whoever he's on patrol in his drifter outfit.
  • Chevrolet Corvette: Wayne drove a black 1963 Chevrolet Corvette to funeral of Don Mitchell, Jr. while in his civilian attire.


  • Wayne Manor: As a child, Wayne lived in Wayne Manor. He later moved into Wayne Tower when he was six.
  • Wayne Tower: Wayne used Wayne Tower to live in.
  • Wayne Terminus: Wayne used Wayne Terminus as his main base of operations.
    • Batcave: After discovering Wayne Terminus, Wayne used it as his main base of operations as Batman.






  • Bruce is 30 during the events of the first film. The film takes place in 2021 as evidenced during the Thomas Wayne's mayoral campaign footage, which is labeled "2001 campaign ad". the film also makes it clear it takes place just a few days after the twentieth anniversary of the Wayne's murder.
    • This also means that Bruce was born in 1991, since it is confirmed in Before The Batman: An Original Movie Novel that Bruce was ten when his parents were murdered.
    • Bruce was twenty-eight when he first started operating as Batman, since by the time of the first film, he's been Batman for two years.
  • Bruce is a fan of Nirvana's Something in the Way, as he can be seen listening to it when working in the Batcave.[1]
  • The Grapple Guns mechanism for this version of Batman is very identical to the 1976 film Taxi Driver, where the protagonist Travis Bickle made a sleeve gauntlet to holster his gun and be ready to fire when extended to his fist.
  • Bruce is referred to as "Vengeance" more often than "the Batman," with the former being used to refer to him six times in the film while the latter is spoken only twice.
  • Bruce's current address is 139 Kane Street, Midtown, Gotham City.

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