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"It's not just a call. It's a warning."Batman

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"Jesus. Look at you, man. What do... what do you think this is? Think you're gonna scare me with that mask and that cape? I'm gonna start crying and all of a sudden some big secrets come out? Let me tell you something... whatever I know, whatever I've done, it's all going with me, to my grave."
―Carmine Falcone to the Batman[src]

Carmine Falcone was an infamous crime lord in Gotham City, the father of Selina Kyle, and an enemy of the Batman. He was also responsible for the arrest of his rival, Salvatore Maroni and the disappearance of Annika Kosolov, whom he also killed.[2]


Early Life

At some point, Carmine Falcone became a criminal and then a crime lord after his rival, Salvatore Maroni, got arrested during a sting operation orchestrated by him and Don Mitchell Jr. Afterwards, Falcone started his own crime family and appointed a small-time criminal named Oz Cobblepot as his lieutenant.[3]

One night, Carmine Falcone got shot in the chest and couldn't go to the hospital, so he showed up at the Wayne Manor doorstep and asked Thomas Wayne to save his life. Thomas decided to operate on Falcone on his dining room table and he saved his life. Unknowing to Thomas, his son Bruce watched the whole thing from his stairwell, but Falcone noticed him.[2]

Assisting An Ally

Thomas Wayne came back to him when a reporter had dug up terrible things about Martha Wayne's family. Thomas asked Falcone to put "the fear of god" into the reporter, and Falcone agreed to do so.

When Falcone tried to use intimidation to stop the reporter from publishing the story, the reporter refused, and Falcone ended up killing him.

Riddler Investigation

Murder of Annika Kosolov

After Annika Kosolov was told that Falcone was the rat who the elite protect from the Salvatore Maroni case. He assigned William Kenzie to kidnap her, and interrogated her to see what Mitchell told her, afterwards she was brutally strangled by him.

Mayor Mitchell's Funeral

Falcone attended the late mayor Don Mitchell Jr.'s funeral along with Carla Diaz and Oswald Cobblepot. Outside Gotham City Hall, Falcone bumped into Bruce Wayne and was surprised he was out in the public and went on to tell him the story of how his father saved his life.

Questioned by Bruce Wayne

After the Riddler exposed the dark secrets about the Wayne Family, and how Thomas Wayne asked Falcone to threaten a reporter who was digging up dirt about his wife whom was ultimately killed. Bruce Wayne, learning the new revelation reached the Iceberg Lounge to question Falcone. He revealed to the young, disturbed man that his father told him to instill fear into the reporter, but when fear didn't work, he killed him instead. He also told Bruce that it may have been Maroni who had his father killed, since he had a grudge against the relationship Falcone had with Thomas.

Attacked by Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle infiltrated the Iceberg Lounge to talk to Falcone, and when she arrived, attempted to kill him. Falcone was able to run away in time, but Selina gave chase, while Falcone told Selina not to do it.

Eventually, Falcone was able to get Selina down, and tried to strangle her with a pool cue the same way he killed Annika Kosolov, but was stopped by Batman, and arrested.

Capture and Assassination

Falcone was then taken away by Batman, who handed him over to Jim Gordon and the rest of Gotham City Police Department waiting outside, and Falcone was confident he was going to be able to get out of it. Penguin then came out of the club and called Falcone a rat, to which Falcone responded by mocking Penguin. In response, Penguin pulled out a gun, and Falcone was killed in a jumble of confusion. Batman realized that he had brought the rat into the light and that Riddler had sniped Falcone from across the street.


"You know why communism failed, right?"
"No, boss."
―Carmine Falcone and Briscoe[src]

Falcone is a sadistic, power hungry man. Its said early on that the Renewal fund looting was a broad set up between criminals where everyone would get some of the Money, but Carmine wanted more, this led to him orchestrating the Arrest of Salvatore Maroni and instilling a new mayor and several other of his puppets, taking control of the Renewal conspiracy and using it to turn Gotham into his own personal empire for 20 years, this resulted in Crime rates and drugs rising. Carmine seems to have a liking for strangling women, as it is how he killed both Selina Kyle's mother and Annika.

Despite his evil, Carmine is capable of putting on an Affable, friendly façade. Not hiding that he is a bad man, but being able to give the impression of being an 'Honorable' type of Criminal. He was able to gain the respect and even trust of Thomas Wayne despite Thomas being a noble man attempting to make a Better Gotham, but once he found an opportunity to get dirt on Thomas he took it, having the Reporter Thomas asked him to scare killed to blackmail him, and possibly had Thomas killed. In the present day he acts friendly to Bruce and tells him over how he had a mutual respect with Bruce father, despite having blackmailed said father, and later convincing Bruce that Thomas deliberately asked him to kill the Reporter.


"After Thomas Wayne died, they all went after it like vultures. The mayor, Falcone, Maroni. Everyone got in on it. It was perfect for making bribes, laundering money. A huge charitable fund with no oversight. Everybody got a piece. But Falcone wanted more. So he orchestrated a play to take Maroni down big. He'd rat out his drops operation, make the careers of everybody that went after him, then install them all as his puppets. You think this goddamn election matters? Falcone's the mayor. He's been the mayor for the last 20 years."
William Kenzie[src]
  • Gifted Intelligence: Falcone was the criminal head of Gotham City's underworld and head of the Falcone Crime Syndicate, as well as as the secret boss of politicians, District Attorneys, and even police officers who were all stealing money from the unsupervised Wayne Renewal Fund. He was smart enough to use the opportunity to rat out rival crime boss Salvatore Maroni and steal his drug business in order to set himself up as the undisputed king of Gotham. He made Don Mitchell, Jr. take Annika Kosolov's passport so he could find out what the former told her. According to William Kenzie, the outcome of the 2021 mayoral election was irrelevant, as Falcone was practically the mayor for the last two decades.
"Your father should have known that Falcone would do anything to finally have something on him that he could use. That's who Falcone is."
Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne[src]
  • Intimidation: Falcone practically owned Gotham City, controlling everyone through blackmail and fear.


"Why shouldn't I take this cue stick and play a dozen games of Nine Ball on your thick head?"
―Carmine Falcone to Piggy Porcello[src]
  • Pool Cue:




  • Selina Kyle - Daughter, Obsession, Attempted Killer, and Attempted Victim



Behind the Scenes

  • In DC Comics, Carmine "The Roman" Falcone was one of the great crime lords of Gotham City and was one of the earliest enemies of the Batman. His nickname comes from the ruthless way he established his criminal empire, which, coincidentally, is referred as the Roman Empire. In addition to his extended crime family, his successors include his children Alberto Falcone, Mario Falcone, and Sofia Gigante-Falcone. He was later killed by Two-Face in The Long Halloween story.
  • Carmine Falcone in The Batman Universe will be the third live-action incarnation of the character following incarnations portrayed by Tom Wilkinson and John Doman.
  • Matt Reeves has named Roman Polanski's Chinatown as an influence on The Batman.[4] Carmine Falcone is very similar to that movie's villain, Noah Cross, as he secretly controls Gotham City through massive corruption (as Cross controls Los Angeles) and is implied to have an incestuous desire for his daughter.


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