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"It's not just a call. It's a warning."Batman

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"Cross that line... you'll become just like him. Listen to me. Don't throw your life away."
"Don't worry, honey. I got nine of 'em."
Batman and Catwoman[src]

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, is a mysterious cat burglar and drug dealer who worked as a waitress at the Iceberg Lounge to track down her roommate, Annika Kosolov. She is also an on-and-off ally/enemy of Batman and his love interest.


Early life

Selina Kyle was born in 1997 to Carmine Falcone and Maria Kyle, although Falcone never knew that he had a daughter. As Selina grew up, Maria would eventually tell her the truth about who her father was. By the time Selina was seven, Maria was murdered by Falcone.[2]

Becoming Catwoman

At some point after her mother's death, Selina Kyle would become the mysterious and acrobatic cat burglar "Catwoman",[1] adopting several stray cats. She would also occasionally deal drugs just to make a living.[1]

Infiltrating the Iceberg Lounge

When Selina's roommate went missing, she got herself a job at the Iceberg Lounge to trace her down, working under Falcone's mob lieutenant known as the Penguin.[2]

Encountering the Batman

Selina would later attempt to rob the mansion of the late Mayor Don Mitchell, Jr.. Selina found out that Mitchell had stolen her friend Annika Kosolov's passport and broke in to steal it back. It was there she once again encountered the Batman.[2]

Working with Batman

"Wait. Who was that?"
"Oh, I saw him."
"Look back."
"If I look back, it's gonna be a whole can of worms."
"I need to see his face."
"That's the DA. Gil Colson."
Batman and Selina

Batman needed someone to be his eyes and ears in the Iceberg Lounge, and so Selina agreed to do so. She infiltrated 44 Below, and passed by Gil Colson. Batman recognized him, and told Selina to look back at him. Selina reluctantly did so, and Batman was able to confirm it was Colson. However, Colson came over and talked to Selina. Batman and Selina found out that city officials such as Colson were on Carmine Falcone's payroll. Later, Batman presses Selina on her connections with Falcone, but Selina cuts communications.

Capturing and Interrogating Kenzie

Selina would later go after William Kenzie for abducting her girlfriend, Annika Kosolov. She successfully captured him and brought him to the Bat Signal, which she lit to get Batman and Jim Gordon's attention. They came, and interrogated Kenzie about the rat and the Gotham Renewal Corporation. Kenzie told them that the Renewal Fund was used by criminals to launder money, as well as bribe city officials. Selina then kicked Kenzie off the building, and decided to go after Falcone.

Going after Falcone

"Hey, Dad."
"I'm Maria Kyle's kid. Do you remember her?"
"Yeah. Just.. just put the gun down, honey."
―Selina and Falcone

Selina once again infiltrated the Iceberg Lounge and was able to get to Carmine Falcone. She told him he was her daughter, and tried to kill him. He ran for it, but Selina gave chase. Eventually, Falcone got Selina down, and attempted to strangle her with a pool cue like he did Annika Kosolov. However, Batman came in and stopped him.

Falcone was taken outside to Gordon and the other honest cops of the Gotham City Police Department. Selina watched as Falcone was shot by the Riddler, and fell dead. She looked at his body with no emotion, secretly happy he was dead.

Battle at Gotham Square Garden

After Falcone's death, Selina attempted to leave Gotham City, but was stopped by an officer due to the flooding. She was told to go inside Gotham Square Garden, and inside, saw Batman fighting Riddler's Cult. She saw Batman get shot in the chest and dangle from the walkway, and went to help him. She was able to stop the goon, and saved Batman. However, she was dragged away by the goon, and attempted to fight him off. Batman took a shot of adrenaline and began to beat up the goon, to Selina's horror. Luckily, Jim Gordon came and stopped Batman from doing more harm. She then saw Batman go and selflessly cut an electrical wire dangling over the water, and saw him fall, but he managed to survive.

Leaving Gotham

Batman and Selina leaving Maria Kyle's gravesite after saying goodbye.

Following Riddler's flooding of Gotham City, Selina paid a visit to her mother's grave where she met with Batman one last time where she begged him to come with her. Unfortunately she knew that his heart lied with Gotham and trying to protect it. The two would leave together on their own respective motorcycles before the two went their separate ways.[2]


"I have a thing about strays."
―Catwoman to the Batman[src]

Selina Kyle is a mysterious figure who is quietly infiltrating Gotham’s seedy underbelly to further her own agenda. She is a flirtatious thrill-seeker who loves danger and evading capture. Her fierce attitude and tenacious agility are the perfect tools to excel as a cat burglar, but hidden underneath the array of identities and the motorcycle leathers is a protective soul who’s more at home with the city’s strays than its citizens.[3] Like the Batman, Selina also isn't afraid to explore the darkest corners of Gotham City in the pursuit of justice, or if that's not a realistically possible outcome, revenge.[4]


"I can take care of myself."
―Selina Kyle to the Batman[src]
  • Peak Human Condition: Selina appears to be in top physical aspects for a woman of her size. Being able to take on fully grown men larger than she, even come to defeating them using her agility, speed, and reflexes to get her out of physical confrontation.
    • Peak Human Speed: To be added
    • Peak Human Agility: To be added
    • Peak Human Reflexes: To be added
  • Expert Martial Artist: While not clear if she has received formal training, Selina appears to be a very skilled fighter, able to contend with the Batman himself in a fight. Her fighting style includes Capoeira,[5] marksmanship and proficiency with her improvised whip. She demonstrated her skills when she attempted to assassinate Carmine Falcone but was being slowed down by a mobster, who she defeated in seconds. She does so once more when saving Batman from being killed by Riddler's Cult.
  • Master Acrobat: Selina being an agile thief has given her excellent skills in acrobatics, even incorporating maneuvers into fighting styles.
"You're pretty good at that."
Batman to Catwoman[src]
  • Gifted Intellect: Selina is a smart woman. She was able to deduce that the Batman had a wealthy upbringing.
    • Master Thief: Selina is highly skilled at cracking safes.



  • Glock 17: To be added
  • Bike Lock: Selina used a bike lock as a whip when she crashed the Penguin's meetup. [3]

Other Equipment







  • Selina Kyle is the second known love interest to Bruce Wayne after Dex Starling.
  • Due to her mother's death in 2004, Selina was most likely born around 1997 as she was seven years old when Maria died.
  • Selina formerly lived at 13 Queen Street, Apartment 1A.[2]

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