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"Under my administration, the Gotham PD has dealt major blows to organized crime and drug trafficking. The Salvatore Maroni case was the biggest drug bust in city history."
―Don Mitchell, Jr. on the Batman[src]

Donald "Don" Mitchell, Jr. was a corrupt former mayor of Gotham City who was part of a conspiracy to arrest Salvatore Maroni and put Carmine Falcone in power in order to receive kickbacks from the Gotham Renewal Corporation. He was later targeted and killed by the Riddler for his 'lies'.


Becoming the Mayor of Gotham[]

In the early 2000's, Don Mitchell, Jr. became the mayor of Gotham City and was elected again for two more terms.

Maroni Sting Operation[]

Some time later, Don Mitchell, Jr. set up a sting operation to catch Salvatore Maroni and his gang for dealing drugs in Gotham. Mitchell's sting was successful and, Maroni and his gang were arrested. The event was reported in the Gotham Gazette and Mitchell later received credit.[2]

Murdered by Riddler[]

Some time later, when he was preparing for his next election, Don Mitchell, Jr. was killed in his home by the Riddler with his hands and feet bagged and his face duct taped with words written "No More Lies". A funeral was set up for him the next day and Police Commissioner Pete Savage swore to bring Riddler to justice.[1]


A day after Don Mitchell, Jr.'s death, his friend Pete Savage was also murdered at the hands of the Riddler, who continued his serial killing rampage and eventually killed D.A. Gil Colson and Carmine Falcone. His secret relationship with Annika Kosolov was also revealed after his death, when Batman and James Gordon found out about their connection and accidentally leaked secret images of them to all news outlets in Gotham, tarnishing his legacy.


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  • Don Mitchell, Jr. is an original character created for The Batman.
  • According to the Gotham Gazette, Don Mitchell, Jr. was the mayor of Gotham City for three terms.
  • He stated in an interview that he does not approve of vigilantism, including the Batman.[3]
  • He is described by Gordon as a 'family values' politician.
  • He is a member of the Republican Party which makes him a Republican.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He seems to share a name with President Richard Nixon’s campaign manager, John N. Mitchell. Mitchell was a proponent of “law and order” and was sentenced to prison for multiple Watergate-related crimes.[4]


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