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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Batman. Anything that you read beyond this is on you.

Drops are a mysterious drug in Gotham City.


Some time 1987, a mysterious drug known as Drops was introduced into Gotham City which quickly became addictive and lethal when used more than once.

When addiction and death rates for Drops increased, the Gotham City Health Department attended to those who were sick or addicted to Drops and offered their services. Also, an organization known as the Gotham Drug and Drops Resistance was founded to specifically combat the use of Drops.[1]

It is used as a simple eye drop, the substance causes hyperactivity and paranoia, as demonstrated by District Attorney Gil Colson when conversing with Selina at 44 Below. The substance's impact on the city shows how it's a simmering problem that lies behind Batman's larger task of confronting the corruption that extends beyond the GCPD. Even after he's been dubbed a hero, Batman's battle on Drops in Gotham continues, from Penguin's continuous distribution of Drops.


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