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"Twenty years ago, one reporter set out to uncover the dark truth. He found shocking family secrets. How, when Martha was just a child, her mother brutally murdered her father, then committed suicide and how the Arkhams used their power and money to cover it up. How Martha herself was in and out of institutions for years, and they didn't want anyone to know. Thomas Wayne tried to force this crusading reporter into a hush-money agreement to save his mayoral campaign. But when the reporter refused, Wayne turned to longtime secret associate Carmine Falcone and had him murdered!"

Edward Elliot was an investigative reporter for the Gotham Gazette who managed to gain secrets about the Wayne Family as well as the Arkham family. Falcone claims that Elliot was also on the payroll of Salvatore Maroni.


Edward was a 'Crusading Reporter' for the Gotham Gazette. Carmine claims he was under the payroll of Salvatore Maroni.[1]

During Thomas Wayne's mayoral election run, Elliot had discovered numerous things covered up by the Arkham family, such as Martha's mother having brutally killed her own husband before committing suicide, and that Martha herself had spent time in Gotham Asylum and Arkham State Hospital due to mental illness and planned to reveal it to the world. Wayne, not caring about his political career and only caring about how it would affect his wife and their son Bruce, tried to force Elliot into a hush-money agreement in order to prevent him from running the story, but Elliot refused.[1]

Afterwards, Wayne went to mobster Carmine Falcone and asked him to put "the fear of god" into Elliot to keep him from running his story.[1] When Elliot still refused to stop running his story even after Falcone used intimidation on him, he was ultimately killed by the crime lord.[1]


Elliot's true personality is largely left ambiguous and open to interpretation. While he was referred to as being a "Crusading Reporter", Falcone claims that Elliot was actually a low level scumbag who was only going after the Arkham family because he was being paid by Maroni to expose something that would sabotage Thomas Wayne's campaign.

However, Falcone is also the one who killed him and explains this to Bruce Wayne when he suggests that Maroni might've been responsible for his parents murder making it very ambiguous if he was being completely truthful about what really happened or not.

The fact that the secrets the Arkham's were covering up ranged from extremely personal details like Martha having mental issues, to genuine crimes like Martha's mother being a murderer, makes Elliot's motives even more unclear.


  • Expert Investigator: He was able to discover secrets the Arkham Family covered up, despite the Arkham's being one of the most powerful families in Gotham.





  • In the DC comics, Edward Elliot was a character created by Scott Snyder for the miniseries Batman: Gates of Gotham, he was the great-grandfather of Thomas Eliot, aka Hush.
  • Edward Elliot won a Pulitzer Prize for his work.[1]


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