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The Gotham City Police Department, commonly known as the GCPD or the City of Gotham Police Department, is the municipal police force primarily responsible for law enforcement and investigation in Gotham City. It is also known for its mass corruption.


Early life[]

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Riddler's Game[]

The Gotham City Police Department, FBI, and Batman investigated the Riddler's first victim, Gotham Mayor Don Mitchell Jr.[1]


List of GCPD Members[]

Name Position Status
Pete Savage[1] Police Commissioner Active
Mackenzie Bock[1] Chief of Police Active
Hanrahan[1] Chief of Police Active
James Gordon[1] Lieutenant Active
Renouf[1] Sergeant Active
Stanley Merkel[1] Officer Active



The Emergency Service Unit, or ESU, is a tactical unit within the Gotham City Police Department that provides specialized equipment, expertise, and support to the various units within the police department.


The Strategic Response Group, or SRG, is a rapid reaction force within the Gotham City Police Department tasked with immediate intervention duties during periods of civil unrest, terrorist incidents, or other citywide emergencies.


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