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"It's not just a call. It's a warning."Batman

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"Don't you know you boys in blue work for me?"
"I guess we don't all work for you."
Carmine Falcone and Jim Gordon[src]

The Gotham City Police Department, commonly known as the GCPD or the City of Gotham Police Department, is the municipal police force primarily responsible for law enforcement and investigation in Gotham City. However, the department is also known for its mass corruption.



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Maroni Arrest[]

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Piggy Porcello's Explosive Operation[]

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Riddler's Game[]

The Gotham City Police Department, FBI, and Batman investigated the Riddler's first victim, Gotham Mayor Don Mitchell Jr.[1] Most of the GCPD were not willing to work with Batman, particularly Commissioner Pete Savage, who scolded Jim Gordon for allowing Batman to enter the crime scene. Matters were not helped by the fact that the press was just outside, and it would be a bad look for the GCPD to have a vigilante working with them on such an important case.

Later, the GCPD was present at Don Mitchell's funeral, where Gordon informed Mackenzie Bock that Gil Colson had been missing since the previous night. Soon afterward, a car crashed into the church, and Gordon ordered the driver to step out. It was revealed to be Colson, but he had a bomb around his neck, and the church was evacuated. That night, the GCPD sent in a camera to check in on Colson while they got ready to disarm the bomb. Batman once again interrupted the GCPD, and arrived in the church to answer the Riddler's phone call. The GCPD could only watch as Gil Colson refused to answer the third riddle and died in the ensuing explosion. However, Batman was also knocked unconscious, and arrested.

At Gotham City Police Headquarters, Mackenzie Bock and other officers, including Gordon, confronted Batman. Batman lashed out at them, but Gordon tried to restrain him, and requested Bock that he be left alone with Batman. Bock agreed, and the other officers waited outside the door while Gordon talked to Batman. Batman punched Gordon and ran out the door, and the officers gave chase. The officers followed him to the rooftop, all the while firing shots that made no impact, and were unable to recapture Batman, as he glided off the top.

Eventually, the GCPD assisted Batman once more, as Gordon persuaded the honest cops within the Police Department to arrest Carmine Falcone. Falcone was caught by Batman, and arrested by the GCPD. However, the Riddler shot Falcone from across the street, and Falcone died. Martinez noticed where the shots came from, and the GCPD, along with Batman, went to investigate the apartment. A witness told Martinez that a person had used the fire escape and was sitting in the corner diner. The GCPD went to check it out, and it was indeed the Riddler. Later, the GCPD found out that this was forensics accountant Edward Nashton. Nashton was arrested and sent to Arkham State Hospital. The GCPD continued to investigate Nashton's apartment, and found out that the Riddler had posted to his followers the night before, but it was password-protected.

Martinez was assigned to keep watch at the apartment entrance, but Batman managed to sneak in anyway, and tried to investigate. Martinez joined him, and identified the weapon Riddler used to kill Don Mitchell, Jr. was a tucker, since his uncle worked with carpets. Batman used it on Nashton's carpet, and he and Martinez found a map of Gotham City with beeping lights around the perimeter, where vans were placed to blow up the Gotham seawall. The words "A REAL CHANGE" were written in the middle, which Batman used as the password for Riddler's stream. He and Martinez saw that the Riddler had encouraged his followers to dress as him and kill mayor-elect Bella Reál. Batman left for Gotham Square Garden immediately, while Martinez stayed to warn Gordon.

At the Battle at Gotham Square Garden, the GCPD worked alongside the Gotham City Fire Department (GCFD) to help out everyone inside the building. Some of Riddler's Cult had already infiltrated, and shot Bella Reál, but Gordon saved and protected her. After the battle, the GCPD and GCFD helped any wounded civilians get to the National Guard for evacuation and medical treatment.


Name Position Status
Pete Savage Commissioner Deceased
Mackenzie Bock Chief Active
Janice Dure Lieutenant Active
James Gordon Lieutenant Active
William Kenzie Detective Incarcerated
Sean Officer Active
Mike Officer Active
Kim Officer Active
Martinez Officer Active
Gage Officer Active



The Emergency Service Unit, or ESU, is a tactical unit within the Gotham City Police Department that provides specialized equipment, expertise, and support to the various units within the police department.


The Strategic Response Group, or SRG, is a rapid reaction force within the Gotham City Police Department tasked with immediate intervention duties during periods of civil unrest, terrorist incidents, or other citywide emergencies.

Bomb Squad[]

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