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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Batman. Anything that you read beyond this is on you.

Martha Wayne (nee Arkham) was a billionaire and a socialite. She was the mother of Bruce Wayne and the wife of the late Thomas Wayne.


Early Life[]

Martha Wayne being photographed outside Arkham State Hospital

During her childhood, Martha Arkham's mother killed her father and then shot herself. Following this tragedy, Martha would spent time in and out of Arkham State Hospital for mental illness.

She would later married Thomas Wayne and gave birth to their only child, who they named Bruce.

During Thomas' run for Mayor, a reporter named Edward Elliot learned of Martha's illness and threaten to expose it to the world. Thomas, not caring about his political career and only about Martha and Bruce, went to mobster Carmine Falcone to have Falcone put the "fear of god" into Elliot and force him to not run the story. Unfortunately, Elliot turned up dead.[1]


One night when walking home from seeing a movie with their son, both Thomas and Martha were gunned down by a mugger, right in front of their son, who was later adopted by the Wayne Family butler Alfred Pennyworth, and grew up to become a vengeful vigilante.[1]


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