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"It's not just a call. It's a warning."Batman

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"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Police action."
"He's with me, Officer."
"Are you kidding me, sir? You're gonna let him in here?"
"Martinez, let him through."
"Goddamn freak."
―Martinez and Jim Gordon[src]

Officer Martinez is a beat cop in the Gotham City Police Department who had a dislike of the Batman. However, during the Riddler's campaign on Gotham City, he assisted him in bringing him down.


Riddler's Game

Death of Mayor Mitchell

Martinez was present at Mayor Don Mitchell, Jr.'s residence following his murder on Halloween night, standing guard at the doorway of the room where the mayor’s body laid. As Lieutenant Jim Gordon led Batman through to the crime scene, Martinez attempted to stop Batman from proceeding further, citing police action. However, on Gordon’s insistence, Martinez reluctantly allowed the vigilante to enter. As Commissioner Pete Savage argued with Gordon and Batman over the latter’s involvement, Martinez informed the Commissioner that the press was ready to hear him.

Assassination of Pete Savage

Two days later, Mitchell’s killer publicly unveiled himself as the Riddler after claiming Savage as his second victim. While Batman and Gordon discreetly investigated Savage’s body in the morgue, Martinez served as a lookout, later warning the two to leave before others returned.

The Funeral Incident

Martinez accompanied Gordon at Mitchell’s funeral as he informed Chief Mackenzie Bock of Gil Colson's disappearance, cheerfully greeting a staring Bruce Wayne. Soon afterwards, Colson interrupted the gathering, having been coerced by the Riddler with a collar bomb, and Martinez joined the rest of Gotham City Police Department in clearing the building.

Batman's Escape from GCPD

Following Colson’s death, an unconscious Batman was brought to Gotham City Police Headquarters, with Martinez joining a crowd of officers in surrounding his body. As medics checked on Batman, a curious Martinez insisted on unmasking him; however, he awoke just as an officer reached for his cowl, violently resisting the attempt and a subsequent one as Martinez stopped the other cops from attacking him in response. Martinez observed the tense exchange between Bock, Gordon and Batman before clearing the room to give Gordon a moment to calm the vigilante down. But unbeknownst to the GCPD, Gordon was secretly scheming to help Batman escape, convincing the latter to punch him in the face to convince the police of his innocence. Martinez joined in giving chase to Batman, though he would get away by wingsuit gliding from the roof of the building.

Arresting the Riddler

After Carmine Falcone is publicly exposed for murdering Annika Kosolov, Martinez joined Gordon and other honest cops in apprehending the mob boss at the Iceberg Lounge, handcuffing him as Gordon read his rights. However, Falcone is assassinated on the steps to the club by the Riddler. Martinez is the first to point above to an apartment, the source of the shots. While securing the back of the building, Martinez encountered a woman claiming to have seen a person climbing down the apartment’s fire escape sitting alone at a nearby diner, and reported his findings to Gordon. Police surround the establishment and Martinez personally drags the Riddler away.

Investigating Riddler's Apartment

While the GCPD investigated the Riddler’s apartment, Martinez stood guard outside, but noticed Batman too late to prevent him from entering, having been distracted by the news of Bella Reál's victory. After the other officers leave, Martinez continues to watch over the apartment, encountering Batman as he returns to investigate further. When Batman views one of Riddler’s murder tools, Martinez reveals it to be a carpet tucker, leading Batman to use it to unveil a map of Gotham City and the password to the Riddler’s final video. A horrified Batman and Martinez watch as the serial killer explains his now-unfolding plan to assassinate Mayor Reál as bombs destroy the city’s seawalls and flood the streets. Martinez is left alone desperately trying to contact Gordon as Batman rushes to stop Riddler's Cult.


Like most cops in the Gotham City Police Department, Martinez is distrusting of Batman due to his status as a vigilante. Martinez is also one of the few upstanding officers in the police force, joining Lieutenant Jim Gordon in arresting Carmine Falcone despite his influence over the GCPD and courts.


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  • Glock 17: Martinez carried his department-issue pistol as his sidearm during the arrest of the Riddler.


  • Flashlight: To Be Added







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