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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Batman. Anything that you read beyond this is on you.

"This must be your favorite night of the year, huh, pal? Happy f***in' Halloween."
―Pete Savage to Batman[src]

Peter "Pete" Savage was the corrupt commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department who was part of a conspiracy to arrest Salvatore Maroni and place Carmine Falcone in power to receive kickbacks from the Gotham Renewal Corporation. He was later killed by the Riddler.[1]


Police Commissioner[]

Arresting Salvatore Maroni[]

Savage accepts a bribe from a drug dealer

Early in his career: Savage worked alongside Jim Gordon and the two became friends in addition to colleagues. At some point, Pete Savage became commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, and was still commissioner when the Batman first appeared in Gotham City. During his time as commissioner, he was considered to be corrupt as he discreetly took bribes from criminals.[1] He maintained the appearance of a honest officer however, as even Gordon was surprised to learn about Savage's corruption after his death.

Assassination of Don Mitchell, Jr.[]

On Halloween night, Don Mitchell Jr was murdered by Riddler. Batman along with Gordon came into the crime scene to investigate. During which Pete appeared and became angry at Gordon for letting Batman get involved and even speculated that he may be involved from the note left by Riddler.

Savage orders Gordon to get Batman out of the building before he is seen by any reporters. He later gives a speech outside to the press vowing to catch the killer.

Murdered by Riddler[]

"The Mayor. The Commissioner. The D.A. Both murdered."
Catwoman to Batman.[src]

Two nights after Mayor Don Mitchell, Jr. was murdered, Riddler captured the commissioner when he goes to the gym at the Tricorner District during his daily night workout. There, Riddler captured and injected him with rat poison. After that, Riddler placed a rat trap around his body, live streaming it to the news where the rats started to burrow holes around his body and neck, eating him alive.[1]


"Maybe he's not who you thought he was"
Batman to Jim Gordon[src]

At first, many mourned Savage's death, especially his former partner Jim Gordon. However, when investigating the morgue, Batman showed Gordon an image of Savage being offered bribes by a drug dealer, which revealed Savage in a negative light. Savage's legacy was even further tarnished when the drug bust of Salvatore Maroni turned out to be a conspiracy organized by Carmine Falcone. It was also revealed how the Gotham Renewal Corporation was used to bribe city officials such as Savage. Savage, alongside the other two victims of the Riddler, Don Mitchell, Jr. and Gil Colson, were viewed as puppets of Falcone, and scumbags by most.


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As a Gotham Police Commissioner, Savage has a standard equipment of a policeman that contains a gun, flashlight and communication services device.





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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Pete Savage is an original character created for The Batman.
    • However, the name "Pete Savage" was originally created from the 1960's live-action television series Batman. Pete Savage was one of the three founding millionaires of Gotham City who was kidnapped by Egghead. He was portrayed by Albert Carrier.
  • Pete Savage seems to be a stand-in to Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb, Gordon's former boss and predecessor as police commissioner of Gotham, who was corrupt and associated with Gotham's criminal underworld, namely Carmine Falcone. He also shares his first name with Peter Grogan, Loeb’s successor and Gordon’s predecessor. He was corrupt like Loeb and served as Commissioner during the second year of Batman’s career, much like Savage did until his death.



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