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"It's not just a call. It's a warning."Batman

WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Batman. Anything that you read beyond this is on you.

"No more lies!"
―The cult motto[src]

The Riddler's Cult were a Gotham-based terrorist group active during Batman's early career. Inspired by the Riddler, the group followed their founder and leader in exposing the corruption of the city's elite through instilling fear and causing destruction.[1]


Early Foundation[]

The group started as middle to lower-class citizens of Gotham who were disillusioned by the reign of corrupted elites and officials who ruled the city in an iron fist. Growing sympathetic to the villain's cause despite his method being so violent that Batman's brutal approach as the city's protector at the time looked tamer in comparison, the number of these people grew unchecked as they kept themselves up to date on Riddler's progress through following him in social media.

Battle at Gotham Square Garden[]

Sometime during Batman and Gordon's investigation on Riddler's pattern of serial killings, the would-be members of Riddler's Cult established contact with Riddler, marking its eventual foundation. They assisted him in placing car bombs around Gotham to flood the city, but that's not all. They also procured weapons, mass-produced uniforms modeled after their leader's costume to show their devotion and conceal their identity, and schemed to assassinate mayor-elect Bella Reál amid chaos. During his eventual arrest, Riddler nearly slipped up the existence of his organization but managed to remain silent so Batman won't have enough time to figure out his endgame and subsequently stopped it prematurely.





  • Every member of the cult wears a costume similar to the Riddler in order to show support for his cause.


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