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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Batman. Anything that you read beyond this is on you.

Salvatore Maroni is an infamous former drug lord in Gotham City who was arrested and jailed as part of a conspiracy to allow rivaling crime lord Carmine Falcone to rise in power.[1]


Rise to Power[]

In his early years, Salvatore Maroni became the biggest criminal in Gotham City and Metropolis, as he and anyone in his criminal organization were responsible for most crimes committed, but every time he'd been arrested, his lawyers managed to get him off, keeping him out of prison, so far.[2] He is also responsible for the creation of Drops, a drug which later became an epidemic in Gotham.[1]

During Thomas Wayne's mayoral election run, Maroni wanted to get Thomas in his pocket, so he had his reporter Edward Elliot dig up dirt on Thomas and found out that his wife Martha, had spent time in Arkham State Hospital due to mental illness and planned to reveal it to the world. Thomas, not caring about his political career and only caring about his wife and their son Bruce, went to Maroni's rival Carmine Falcone and asked him to put "the fear of god" into Elliot to keep him from running his story, instead Falcone killed him.[1]

It later theorized by Falcone that Maroni was worried that Thomas might become Falcone's corrupt mayor, so he had a mugger kill him and Martha, though it was never proven or Falcone lied.[1]

Involvement in Renewal[]

Following the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, criminals began using the Gotham Renewal Fund to launder and earn money. They also used it to bribe city officials, with Maroni expanding his ever-ceasing influence. Maroni earned a similar share as Carmine Falcone and other criminals, yet everyone was still piling for a bigger slice, which eventually led to a sting operation against Maroni.


Some time later, Maroni and his gang were busted in a sting operation organized by Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. and arrested. The event was reported in the Gotham Gazette some time later.[1]

The Gazette article also mentioned that the Gotham City Police Department seized 'mountains of hard evidence' on Maroni with the district attorney believing that with it, Maroni would be put away for life.[2]

It was later revealed that Maroni was set up by Carmine Falcone and corrupt city officials such as Pete Savage, Gil Colson, and Don Mitchell Jr. to solidify Falcone's control over the underworld.[1] His drops operation were later taken over by the Falcone Crime Syndicate and the Gotham City Police Department.


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