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TV Announcer: --a dark and stormy Halloween.

Female News Anchor: Good evening, and welcome to GC1 News Live. Our top story tonight: Just released polls have incumbent Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. and 28-year-old grassroots challenger Bella Réal in a dead heat.

Male News Anchor: Things certainly got hot last night in their final debate before next Tuesday's election.

Don Mitchell Jr.: (On TV) Now, my young opponent here wants to gut the Gotham Renewal program, established by the great Thomas Wayne, cutting funds from vibrant projects like our Sea Wall, and the safety net for those who need it.

Bella Réal: (On TV) The Renewal program is broken. This city's been renewing for twenty years, look where it's gotten us! Crime has skyrocketed, murder and drug use are at historic highs, and we have a masked vigilante running the streets.

Don Mitchell Jr.: (On TV) Under my administration, the Gotham PD has dealt major blows to organized crime and drug trafficking. The Salvatore Maroni case was the biggest drug bust in city history--

Bella Réal: (On TV) But drops and other drugs are still rampant!

Don Mitchell Jr.: (On TV) I'm not saying--

Bella Réal: (On TV) It's gotten worse!

Don Mitchell Jr.: (On TV) I'm not saying there isn't work to do, but listen: I have a beautiful wife and a young son, and I will not rest--

Don Mitchell Jr.: Hey. Yeah, I'm watching it now. Why is she still tied? But... But I thought we were getting a bump in the new post poll. Alright, y-you know what? I can't-- I can't watch this any more, just call me in the morning, okay?

Don Mitchell Jr.: (On TV) --who still believes in everything this city can do.

Bella Réal: (On TV) We need a leader, Mr. Mitchell, not a cheerleader. And someone who will tell the people the truth!

Bruce Wayne: (Voiceover) The city streets are crowded for the holiday. Even with the rain. Hidden in the chaos is the aliment, waiting to strike like snakes. But I'm there, too. Watching. Two years of night have turned me into a nocturnal animal. I must choose my targets carefully.

Robber: C'mon! Give me the money!

Cashier: Okay!

Robber: Let's go, let's go!

Cashier: Alright, alright!

Bruce: (Voiceover) It's a big city. I can't be everywhere. But they don't know where I am.

Train Gang Member: Boom!

Bruce: (Voiceover) We have a signal now, for when I'm needed. But when that light hits the sky, it's not just a call... It's a warning. To them. Fear... is a tool.

Taxi Driver: Are you outta your mind?! Watch where you're goin', drophead!

Bruce: (Voiceover) They think I'm hiding in the shadows...

Graffiti Artist: C'mon!

Bruce: (Voiceover) But I am the shadows.

Train Gang Leader: C'mon, c'mon.

Train Gang Leader: Get him! What are you doing?!

Gotham Resident: Somebody, help me! Help! Help!

Train Gang Member: Where you goin', huh?!

Train Gang Leader: C'mon.

Train Gang Member: You can't move, huh?

Train Gang Leader: Now knock his ass out.

Train Gang Member: Showtime! Showtime, man! C'mon, do it, man!

Train Gang Leader: You seeing this guy?

Train Gang Leader: The hell are you supposed to be?!

The Batman: I'm vengeance.

Train Gang Member: Oh, shit. It's him...

Young Train Gang Member: Hey, man--! Nonononono--!

Gotham Resident: Please don't hurt me...

Martinez: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Police action.

Gordon: He's with me, officer.

Martinez: Are you kidding me, sir? You're gonna let him in here?

Gordon: Martinez. Let him through.

Martinez: Goddamn freak…

Gordon: What do we know?

Gordon: Detective.

Forensic: Sorry, lieutenant. We got blunt force trauma. Lacerations on the head. He got hit a lot of times, and hard.

Gordon: All this blood was from his head?

Forensic: No.

[The Forensic walks around, bumping into Batman.]

Forensic: Excuse me. Most of it's from his hand. Thumb was severed. Killer may have taken it as a trophy.

Batman: He was alive when it was cut off. Ecchymosis, around the wound.

Forensic: Security detail upstairs said the family was out trick-or-treating. The Mayor was up here alone. Killer may have come through the skylight.

Gordon: You said there was a card...

Forensic: Yeah.

Gordon: "From your secret friend: Whoo? Haven't a clue? Let's play a game, just me and you. What does a liar do when he's dead?"

Forensic: There's a cypher, too.

Gordon: Any of this mean anything to you?

Pete Savage: What's goin' on here?

Gordon: I asked him to come, Pete.

Savage: This is a crime scene! It's Mitchell, for chrissakes! I got the press downstairs! You know, I cut you a lot of slack, Jim, 'cause we got history, but this is way over the line!

[Gordon wordlessly holds up the envelope.]

Savage: Wait. He's involved in this?

Gordon: No, he's not involved--

Savage: How do you know?! He's a goddamn vigilante! He could be a suspect! What are you doin' to me? We used to be partners!

Gordon: I'm just trying to find the connection, Pete!

Batman: "He lies still."

Savage: 'Scuse me?

Gordon: The riddle. "What does a liar do when he's dead? He lies still."

Savage: Oh, Jesus... This must be your favorite night of the year, huh, pal? Happy fuckin’ Halloween.

Martinez: Excuse me, commissioner? They're ready for your statement.

Savage: I want him outta here. Now!

Gordon: C'mon.

Gordon: Yeah. Kid found him.

Female Detective: Was there anyone else in the house when you arrived?

Gordon: We really gotta go, man.

Savage: Tonight, a son lost a father. A wife lost a husband. And I lost a friend. Mayor Mitchell was a fighter for the city, and I will not rest until this killer is found. This was a truly senseless crime. And we are actively pursuing every investigative lead we have and hunt him down. I've spoken to the governor...

Bruce: (voiceover) I wish I could say I'm making a difference. But I don't know.

Bruce: (voiceover) Murder. Robbery. Assault. Two years later, they're all up. And now this. This city's eating itself. Maybe it's beyond saving. But I have to try. Push myself.

Bruce: (voiceover) These nights all roll together in the rush, behind the mask. Sometimes in the morning, I have to force myself to remember everything that happened.

Male News Anchor: Unbelievable breaking news this hour, everyone. Again, former incumbent Gotham Mayor, Don Mitchell Jr. was found murdered last night inside his home

Female News Anchor: Exact details of the crime have still not been released, but a citywide manhunt is already underway as they search for the brazen killer. And this certainly is not the first time Gotham has been robbed by the murder of a political figure. In fact, in an eerie coincidence, it was twenty years ago this week that celebrated billionaire philanthropist Doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha were slain during Wayne's own mayoral campaign. It was a shocking crime that remains unsolved to this day. Don Mitchell Junior's political career was especially notable for his tough war on drugs when he and city police launched a major sting operation, resulting in the notorious mafia crime figure, Salvatore Maroni with what to this day remains the biggest drug bust in GCPD history. Mitchell is survived by his wife and ten year old son. Reactions to the crime continue to pour in...

Alfred Pennyworth: I assume you've heard about this.

Bruce: Yeah.

Alfred: Oh, I see.

Forensic: (on the monitor) --it's from his hand.

Alfred: Dear god...

Forensic: (on the monitor) There's a cipher, too.

Gordon: (on the monitor) Any of this mean anything to you?

Alfred: The killer left this for the Batman?

Bruce: Apparently.

Gordon: (on the monitor) I asked him to come, Pete.

Alfred: You're becoming quite the celebrity. Why's he writing to you?

Bruce: I don't know yet.

Alfred: Have a shower. Our accounting friends at Wayne Enterprises are coming for breakfast.

Bruce: Here? Why?

Alfred: Because I couldn't get you to go there!

Bruce: I haven't got time for this--

Alfred: It's getting serious, Bruce. If this continues, it won't be long before you've nothing left.

Bruce: I don't care about that. Any of that.

Alfred: You don't care about your family's legacy?

Bruce: What I'm doing is my family's legacy. I can't change things here. If I can't have an effect, I don't care what happens to me.

Alfred: That's what I'm afraid of.

Bruce: Alfred, stop. You're not my father.

Alfred: I'm well aware.

Gordon: (on the monitor) We really gotta go, man.

Alfred: There's some fresh berries there.

Bruce: What are you doing?

Alfred: Just reminiscing about my days in the circus. This is actually quite elusive.

Bruce: Where'd you get those o's?

Alfred: "He lies still" is only a partial key. He only gives us "h, e, i, s," and "t", so I'm looking for any double symbols to start, trying letters... See where it leads.

Bruce: That's interesting.

Dory: Mr. Pennyworth?

Alfred: Yes, Dory?

Dory: The accountants are here.

Alfred: See them in, please, Dory.

Bruce: What if it's not a partial key?

Alfred: What do you mean?

Bruce: What if this is the whole key? Isolate the symbols we don't have letters for. Use only the letters for "he lies still", leave the rest--

Alfred: Blank, yeah, yeah, I understand. But that would leave most of the cypher unsolved, I don't see how that's gonna-- Oh.

Gordon: Damn. Yeah, he's got a car. I guess it's good to be the mayor. Where do we even start? You sure this isn't a leap? "Drive" could mean anything.

Batman: You don't trust me?

Gordon: You mean like you trust me? It's been two years now, and I don't even know who you are, man.

Batman: There.

Gordon: What are we looking for?

Batman: USB port.

Gordon: USB?

Gordon: What?

Batman: Thumb. Drive.

Gordon: Jesus.

Gordon: It's encrypted.

Batman: Try this.

Gordon: Oh, this guy's hilarious...

Gordon: Oh, well, well, well. So much for family values.

Batman: Who is she?

Gordon: No idea. But that's the Penguin. Carmine Falcone's right hand.

Gordon: What was that?

Gordon: Shit. Shit, shit! The drive. It sent out photos from my account! Gotham Post, Gazette, GC1, all of 'em. Jesus. I'm gonna catch hell for this, Pete's gonna bust a gasket.

Batman: "He lies still." About her?

Gordon: Maybe. That's the Iceberg Lounge. It's under the shoreline loss, where Falcone's holed up. Never get in there without a warrant...

Batman: Yeah.

Batman: You know who I am?

Twin One: Yeah. I got an idea.

Batman: I wanna see the Penguin.

Twin One: I dunno what you're talking about, pal.

Twin Two: What's the problem?

Twin One: He says he wants to see the Penguin.

Twin Two: The Penguin? There ain't no penguin here.

Twin One: That's what I tried to tell him.

Twin Two: Get outta here, freak. You hear me? Or that little suit's gonna get all full of blood.

Batman: Mine or yours?

Clubgoer: I saw that whole thing, I'm gonna call the cops! What is your problem?!

Kenzie: Hey! Put the bat down, or I'll blow your head off!

Oswald Cobblepot: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Take it easy, sweetheart! You looking for me? I see you met the twins. Boy, you're everything they say, ain'tcha? I guess we both are. How you doin'? I'm Oz.

Batman: Who is she?

Cobblepot: I really don't know, chief. I might've been coming out at the same time, but I wasn't rolling with 'em.

Cobblepot: It's okay, baby. Mister Vengeance here, he, uh... He don't bite. C'mon.

Cobblepot: Thank you, honey.

Cobblepot: Here you go, champ.

Batman: I wanna know who she is. And what she has to do with this murder.

Cobblepot: Whose murder?

Batman: The mayor's.

Cobblepot: Wait, the mayor...? Oh, shit, it is, look at that!

Batman: Don't make me hurt you.

Cobblepot: You better watch it. You know my reputation?

Batman: Yeah. I do. Do you?

Cobblepot: Look. I'm just a proprietor, okay? I mean, what people do here... it ain't got nothing to do with me.

Cobblepot: I'll tell you one thing. Whoever she is, she's one hot chick. Why don't you ask Mitchell's wife, maybe she knows?

Cobblepot: What, too soon?

Cobblepot: Let me know if there's anything else I can do!

Selina Kyle: Taxi! Taxi!

Selina: Hey, it's me. Baby, what's wrong? Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, slow down, I can't-- On the news? Okay--, no, no, st-- Stay there. Wait for me, okay? Wait for me, I'm on my way home. Listen. Baby, we're gonna get the hell out of here, I promise. If we-- If we have to leave earlier, we'll leave tonight. I-- Goddammit.

Batman: You're pretty good at that.

Selina: Hey! Gimme that--

Batman: "Consula, Annika". He hurt her? That's why you killed him?

Selina: What? Hol-- Just gimme the goddamn--!

Selina: Listen, honey. You got the wrong idea, okay? I didn't kill anybody. I'm here for my friend. She's trying to get the hell out of here, and this sonuvabitch stole her passport.

Batman: What does she know?

Selina: Whatever it is, it's got her so spooked that she won't even tell me.

Batman: She did seem upset. (off Selina's look) Back at your place. Let's go talk to her.

Selina: Anni?! Baby?! Anni! Anni?!

Male News Anchor: More Breaking News this hour as the city is rocked by second high-profile murder in as many nights, and this time, the killer has come forward to claim credit online--

Selina: Jesus, what are they gonna do to her? She's just a kid... Shit, they took my phone.

Female News Anchor: His victim, longtime head of the Gotham PD, Commissioner Pete Savage, was found dead earlier tonight inside the Police Athletic Facilities in the Tri-State Corner Area. The killer posted the following message on social media, and we have to warn you, the video is very disturbing.

The Riddler: Hello, people of Gotham. This is the Riddler speaking. On Halloween Night, I killed your mayor because he was not who he pretended to be, but I am not done. Here is another... who will soon be losing face. I will kill again and again and again until our day of judgement, when the truth about our city will FINALLY! Be unmasked. Goodbye!

Male News Anchor: Commissioner Savage served a distinguished thirty-year career on the GCPD--

Selina: Holy shit, I've seen that guy, too. At the club.

Batman: At the Iceberg Lounge?

Selina: 44 Below.

Batman: What is that?

Selina: The club within the club? The real club. It's a mob hangout.

Batman: Is that where you work? Selina.

Selina: No, I just work the bar upstairs. But I see 'em come in.

Batman: Who.

Selina: A lot of guys that shouldn't be there, I can tell you that. Your basic "upstanding citizen" types.

Batman: You're gonna help me on this. For your friend.

Batman: You got a lot of cats.

Selina: I have a thing about strays.

Batman: You're not safe here.

Selina: I can take care of myself.

Female News Anchor: ...two public figures dead the last two nights and only days before the election, police and city officials are searching for a killer and hoping to find him before he kills again.

Gordon: He waited for him, at the gym. Pete always liked to work out late at night when no one else was around.

Batman: There's a needle mark on his neck.

Gordon: He injected him with arsenic.

Batman: Rat poison.

Gordon: Yeah, that seems to be his theme, here. Look at this thing.

Batman: It's a maze.

Gordon: What kinda demented sunovabitch does this to a person?

Batman: More symbols. It's another cypher.

Gordon: He blasted these out after his message went viral. Bastard murders you and your reputation.

Batman: That guy pushes drops on the east end.

Gordon: I don't get it, Why would Pete get involved with something like this?

Batman: Looks like he got greedy.

Gordon: You kidding me? After everything we did to take down the Maronis? He busted the entire operation, then he caves to some lowlife dealer?!

Batman: Maybe he's not who you thought.

Gordon: You make it sound like he had it coming.

Batman: He was a cop... That crossed the line.

Batman: "I'm mad about you. Wanna know my name? Just look inside and see.

Batman: "Follow the maze 'til you find the rat. Bring him into the light, and you'll find where I'm at."

Gordon: The hell is this? "Bring him into the light?" "Find the rat?"

Batman: I don't know.

Martinez: Lieutenant! They're coming back!

Gordon: We gotta get out of here. C'mon.

Selina: Ow! I don't know about these things.

Batman: I need to see you in there. It's his hunting ground.

Selina: Hey, why am I starting to feel like a fish on a hook? I'm just looking for Annika.

Selina: Boy, you're a real sweetheart. You really don't care what happens to me in there tonight, do you?

Batman: Look at me.

Batman: Looks good. Here.

Batman: I got you. Can you hear me?

Selina: Yeah.

Bouncer: Hey, where you goin'?

Selina: Hospitality.

Batman: That's one of the guys I got into it with the other night. Looks like I broke his nose.

Batman: "Kenzie, William". He's an off-duty cop.

Selina: Are you sure no one can see these things in my eyes?

Batman: Don't worry. I'm watching you.

Batman: Don't look away. I need time to make IDs.

Selina: Right.

Batman: These guys have a little problem with eye contract, don't they?

Selina: Feels good, doesn't it?

Clubgoer: Yeah, baby, feels real good.

Selina: Jesus, I hate dropheads.

Batman: Really? 'Cause when I first saw you, it looked like you were dealing for Penguin.

Selina: You don't know what you're talking about. Can we not--

Selina: Can we not do this right now?

Batman: Wait. Who was that?

Selina: Oh, I saw him.

Batman: Look back.

Selina: If I look back, it's gonna be a whole can of worms.

Batman: I need to see his face.

Selina: [sigh] Jesus...

Batman: That's the DA, Gil Colson.

Selina: And he's coming over, you happy?

Batman: Talk to him.

Gil Colson: Hi, how you doin'?

Selina: Hey.

Colson: I'm Gil.

Selina: Hey, aren't you the DA?

Colson: Yeah!

Selina: Wow! I've seen you on TV!

Colson: Is that right? I haven't seen you around here before... It's-- 's a hell of a time to be the new girl, 'cause people are all... A little on edge.

Selina: Oh, honey, I live on the edge.

Colson: Is that right? I like that! Do you wanna come over?

Selina: Sure.

Colson: Uh, this is Travis!

Travis Cromwell: Hey.

Colson: I think you can sit over there... Ritchie. Glen.

Richard Beckett: Hey.

Batman: That's half the DA's office.

Colson: You know Carla here, huh? This is Sheri, don't mind her. She's just taking a break. Drowning our sorrows. You want a drop?

Selina: Uh, no, I'm good, but you enjoy!

Colson: Hope you don't mind... I got a lot on my shoulders with that psycho running around.

Batman: He's wasted.

Selina: No shit!

Colson: I like this girl!

Selina: Oh, hey, I like you, too!

Colson: I mean, this Riddler, he's going after the most powerful people in this city, he knows so much--

Glen: He doesn't know shit, man.

Colson: What are you talking about, you guys, what about that rat--

Glen: Hey, hey, Gil, c'mon. Maybe you had a little too much...

Batman: Wait. The rat. Ask him about the rat.

Selina: Hey, what's this about a rat?

Colson: I mean... There was a rat, we had an informant. We had big time information on Salvatore Maroni, that's how we got him out of the drops business.

Batman: He's talking about the Maroni case...

Colson: But if this guy knows... it's gonna come out. And when it does, this whole city's gonna come apart!

Carla: Okay, I don't wanna hear this. This is the kinda pillow talk that got that Russian girl disappeared.

Selina: What do you know about that?

Carla: Does anybody want a drink?

Colson: I want a drink.

Batman: Keep him talking.

Batman: Wait, where are you going?

Selina: She knows Annika.

Batman: No, stay on the DA!

Selina: I told you, I'm looking for my friend.

Selina: Where's Annika?

Carla: Outta my face. I don't know you.

Selina: Yeah, but you know her, you took her! What have you heard, is she okay?!

Carla: Jesus Christ, keep your voice down! What, do you got a death wish?!

Carmine Falcone: Hey, what's the problem, ladies?

Carla: There's no problem. It's just girl talk.

Cobblepot: Let's keep it festive down here, alright?

Carla: Sure thing, boss.

Falcone: Hey.

Selina: Hey.

Falcone: Been a long time. Nice to see you down here. How you been?

Selina: Yeah, I've been-- I've been okay. I was just, um... I was just headed back upstairs.

Falcone: Oh. Well... Now, don't be a stranger.

Batman: You know Carmine Falcone?

Selina: I told you, it's a mob spot.

Batman: You didn't tell me you had a relationship with him.

Selina: I don't have a relationship with him, okay?!

Batman: Well, that's not what it looked like.

Selina: Forget it.

Batman: Wait, what are you doing?

Selina: Listen, I can't do this no more.

Batman: No. No!

Selina: Taxi!

Colson: Hey! I lost you in there...

Selina: Yeah, I gotta go.

Colson: Uh, you need a ride? That's me right there.

Selina: Taxi! I'm good.

Colson: I hope, uh... I'll see you around.

The Riddler: Shhhh, just hold still...

Batman: What do you know about a confidential informant in the Maroni case?

Gordon: Yeah, sure, there was.

Batman: That's the rat we're looking for. Somehow, Riddler knows who he is. If we find the rat, maybe it'll lead us to him.

Gordon: Where are you getting this?

Batman: I have a source, spoke to the DA tonight. Gil's very nervous. I thinks he's targeting people close to the case.

Gordon: I worked that case.

Batman: Riddler's not after you.

Gordon: How do you know?

Batman: You're not corrupt.

Gordon: Colson's dirty?

Gordon: Maybe I, uh... I go after him, Lean on him to give up the rat.

Batman: It's too dangerous. They made a secret deal with this guy. Who knows how many people it touches? Politicians. Police. The courts. Could tear the whole city apart.

Gordon: Jesus, this is a powder keg.

Batman: And Riddler's the match...

Batman: You know Carmine Falcone?

Selina: I told you, it's a mob spot.

Batman: You didn't tell me you had a relationship with him.

Selina: I don't have a relationship with him--

Batman: You didn't tell me you had a relationship with him.

Selina: I don't have a relationship with him, okay--

Batman: You didn't tell me you had a relationship with him.

Selina: I don't have a relationship with him--

Alfred: Pretty. She a new friend of yours?

Bruce: I'm not so sure.

Alfred: Looks like you upset her. Shall I take this as a good sign?

Bruce: What?

Alfred: Your attire! Is Bruce Wayne making an actual appearance?

Bruce: It's a public memorial for Mayor Mitchell. Serial killers like to follow reactions to their crimes. Riddler might not be able to resist.

Alfred: Ah, that reminds me... I've taken the liberty of doing a little work on this latest cipher. The one from the rat maze? I'm afraid his Spanish is not perfect, but I'm fairly certain this translates to "You are el rata alada."

Bruce: "Rata alada"... "Rat with wings"?

Alfred: Slang for "pigeon". Does that mean anything to you?

Bruce: Yeah. A stool pigeon.

Alfred: Where are your cufflinks?

Bruce: Oh, I couldn't find 'em.

Alfred: Here, you can't go out like that.

Bruce: Alfred, I don't want your cufflinks.

Alfred: You have to keep up appearances. You're still a Wayne.

Bruce: What about you? Are you a Wayne?

Alfred: Your father gave them to me.

Crowd: [Chanting] No more lies! No more lies!

Cop: Mr. Wayne, alright! Alright, pull forward, straight down here.

Reporter: Hey, Bruce Wayne?!

Cobblepot: Whoa! Hey, fellas. Right here. We're good, Mr. Falcone.

Valet: Sir?

Cobblepot: Hey, hey, hey! Give us a wide berth here, wouldja, slick?

Falcone: Hey, watch it, fellas. You got the prince of the city there. Some event, huh? Brought out the one guy in the city more reclusive than me.

Bruce Wayne: Thought you'd never leave the shoreline. Aren't you afraid someone'll take a shot at you?

Carmine Falcone: Why? 'Cause your father ain't around? Oz, you know Bruce Wayne?

Oswald Cobblepot: Wow. Is that right?

Carmine Falcone: His father saved my life. I got shot in the chest. Right here. I couldn't go to no hospital, so we showed up on his doorstep, operated right on the dining room table. Kid here, he... He saw the whole thing up on the stairs, looking down. I remember your face. You don't think that meant something he did there?

Bruce Wayne: It means he took the Hippocratic Oath.

Carmine Falcone: "Hippocratic Oath". That's good.

Bruce Wayne: Excuse me.

Carmine Falcone: [laughs] Yes!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming to today's memorial for our beloved mayor, Don Mitchell Junior. Our program will begin shortly. As a reminder, the family of those wishing to honor the mayor's memory consider a donation to the cause most dear to his heart: the Gotham Renewal Fund, our city's safety net.

Bitter Nobody: What good's a safety net didn't catch anybody? Didn't help my daughter when she needed it, I can tell you that. Guy was just another rich scum-sucker. Got what he deserved. Know what I mean? Hey. Don't I know you?

Bella Reál: Bruce Wayne. Why haven't you called me back?

Bruce Wayne: I'm sorry?

Reál: Bella Reál. I'm running for mayor. I wouldn't be bothering you here, but your people keep telling me you're unavailable. Will you walk with me?

[Bruce and Bella begin to walk down the aisle of mourners. Bruce turns and looks behind him as the Bitter Nobody leans back with a sneer on his face, slinking back into the shadows.]

Bella Reál: Mister Wayne. Mister Wayne! You know, you really could be doing more for this city. Your family has a history of philanthropy, but as far as I can tell, you're not doing anything. If I'm elected, I wanna change that.

[The two of them stop, spying Mitchell's son in the front row.]

Bella Reál: My god. I'm gonna go pay my respects. Will you wait for me? I wanna continue this.

Gordon: 'scuse me, Chief, can I talk to you? Gil Colson is missing.

Mackenzie Bock: What?

Gordon: He hasn't been heard from since last night.

Bock: Christ, not again...

Martinez: Hey! Mr. Wayne!

Bock: You got people looking for him, too?

Gordon: Sent a couple guys to his house, nothing.

Bock: What'd his wife say?

Gordon: She hadn't heard from him.

Gordon: Get outta the car! Get outta the car and show your hands! Get out!

[The door opens.]

Gordon: Get 'em up! Get out, show 'em!

[A shaking figure practically stumbles out of the car. He has a phone duct taped to his hand and more tape covering his mouth.]

Gordon: Christ, that's Colson!

Female Officer: There's a bomb around his neck!

Gordon: Let's clear this place out, now!

Bock: What's he looking at?

SWAT Officer: Oh, shit...

Bock: Are you kidding me? What the hell is he doing?! GORDON! Your guy's gonna get himself killed in there.

Colson: Please-- He made me do it, I'm so sorry! He told me if I didn't do exactly what he said, he'd kill me, I'm so sorry!

Batman: Looks like a combination lock.

Colson: Can't we just cut it off?

Batman: Not if you wanna keep your head.

[Batman takes the card off Colson's chest. It reads "In trying times just remember -- I'm a phone call away! ANSWER."]

Riddler: You came.

Batman: Who are you?

Riddler: Me? I'm nobody. I'm just an instrument, here to unmask the truth about this cesspool we call a city.

Batman: Unmask?

Riddler: Yes. Let's do it together, okay? I've been trying to reach you. You're part of this, too.

Batman: How am I a part of this?

Riddler: You'll see.

Female Officer: Hey, chief. You better take a look at this.

The Riddler: Say hello to my followers. We're live. They're here to watch our little trial. At the moment, the man across from you, Mister Colson... is dead! / But! Wait a minute, I--

Gil Colson: (overlapping) Jesus, can we get somebody out here, this psycho's gonna kill me!


Gil Colson: Okay! Okay.

The Riddler: I'm giving you a chance. No one ever gave me a chance. Now... Ever since I was a child, I've always loved little puzzles. For me, they were a retreat from the horrors of our world. Maybe they can bring some comfort to you, too, Mister Colson.

Gil Colson: You want me to do puzzles?

The Riddler: Three riddles in two minutes. You give me the answers, and I'll give you the code for the lock. Do you understand?

Gil Colson: Okay. Okay. Okay, so I just, um, you want me to--

The Riddler: Riddle number one! It can be cruel, poetic, or blind. But when it's denied, it's your violence you may find.

Gil Colson: Wait, wait, wait, wait, can you repeat that? "Cruel, poetic..."

Batman: Justice.

Gil Colson: Huh?!

Batman: The answer's justice.

Gil Colson: Justice?!

The Riddler: Yes! Justice! And you were supposed to be an arm of justice in this city, along with the late mayor and police commissioner, were you not, Mister Colson?

Gil Colson: Of course, of course! Of course.

The Riddler: Riddle two: If you are justice, please do not lie: What is the price for your blind eye?

Gil Colson: "The price...?"

Batman: The bribes.

Gil Colson: Oh, god, bribes!

Batman: He's asking how much it costs you to turn your back.

Gil Colson: You gotta be kidding me!

The Riddler: Fifty-eight seconds!

Batman: How much.

Gil Colson: Nothing!

Batman: How much?!

Gil Colson: Ten grand! Ten gs per month, I get a monthly payment! Just not to prosecute certain cases!

Batman: What cases?

Gil Colson: He didn't ask me that! C'mon! Ten grand! That's the answer, I swear to God!

The Riddler: Alright! Okay, okay! Don't lose your head, Mister Colson! Just one more to go before your time runs out. Last riddle: Since your justice is so select, please tell us which vermin you're paid to protect.

Gil Colson: "Which vermin?"

Batman: The rat. The informant you all protect, from the Salvatore Maroni Case.

Gil Colson: How do you know about that?!

Batman: What's his name?

The Riddler: Twenty seconds!

Gil Colson: No!

Batman: He's gonna kill you!

Gil Colson: I'm a dead man either way, you're talking to a dead man, okay?! If I go out this way, it's just me, but if I give over that name, I have family, people I love... They’ll kill them!

Batman: Who will?!

Gil Colson: People are watching!

Batman: What people?!

Gil Colson: They're so much bigger than you could ever imagine! It's the whole system!

The Riddler: Five! Four! Three! Two...

Gil Colson: I'm so sorry!

The Riddler: Die.

Cop 1: Who do you think he is under there?

Gordon: Take it easy--

Cop 1: I wanna see.

Cop 2: What is that thing, leather?

Cop 3: What's he got in his eyes?

Cop 2: Who cares? I wanna see his face.

Cop 3: What are we doing, here? Let's just take it off--

Gordon: Hey! Hey! Hey! Relax, goddammit!

Bock: You're protecting this guy, Jim? He interfered in an active hostage situation. Colson's blood is on his hands.

Batman: Maybe it's on yours.

Bock: What'd you say?

Batman: He would rather die than talk. What was he afraid of? You?

Bock: You son of a bitch. You have any idea what kind of trouble you're in? You could be an accessory to murder.

Cop 3: What are we playing games--?

Gordon: Back off! Back off!

Bock: Great! Now I got you on assaulting an officer!

Batman: You got me on assaulting three!

Gordon: Hey! What's the matter with you?! This isn't the way to do this!

Batman: You, too, now?

Gordon: Let me handle this, chief. Just give me a minute.

Bock: You're gonna put yourself on the line for this scumbag, Jim?

Gordon: Just give me a minute! I'll get him to cooperate.

Bock: Okay, give him the room.

Bock: Two minutes.

Gordon: Now you listen to me...!

Gordon: We gotta get you outta here.

Batman: That'll put a lot of heat on you.

Gordon: Well, you punched me in the face...

Batman: Uh-huh.

Gordon: Take this key. Through that door, hallway to the stairs that go to the roof.

Mackenzie: The hell is going on? Hey, hey, hey what's going on?

[Mackenzie catches Batman's eye. He turns to Gordon.]

Batman: Who's the mustache with the broken nose?

[Gordon spares the other detective a brief glance.]

Gordon: That's Kenzie. Narcotics.

Batman: He's one of the guys I got into it with at the Iceberg Lounge.

James Gordon: What are you saying, Kenzie moonlights for the Penguin?

[Batman turns towards Kenzie, slowly.]

Batman: Or he moonlights as a cop.

[He turns back to Gordon and hits him in the face without the slightest warning. The policeman falls, unconscious.]

Gordon: Could've at least pulled that punch, man.

Batman: I did.

Gordon: Bock put out an APB on you. You really think he's in on this?

Batman: I don't trust any of 'em. Do you?

Gordon: I only trust you.

Batman: What's a narcotics cop doing with Falcone's right-hand man?

Gordon: Colson said cops protect the rat. Maybe Kenzie's part of it?

Batman: You think Penguin's the rat?

Gordon: His club caters to the mob. Maroni practically lived there. Penguin would've been privy to a lot of dirt. DA was a regular, too! Maybe Penguin got himself into a jam and working a deal was his only way out.

Batman: The rata allada.

Gordon: The what?

Batman: Riddler's latest. The cipher in the maze. It means "rat with wings", like a stool pigeon.

Gordon: A penguin's got wings, too.

Batman: Time for me to have another conversation with him.

Gordon: What about the Riddler? He's gonna kill again.

Batman: It's all connected. Like it or not, it's his game now. We wanna find Riddler, we gotta find that rat.

Gordon: (over walkie-talkie) Kenzie and the Twins coming your way.

Batman: There's Penguin.

Gordon: (over walkie-talkie) I wonder what's in the bags. Do you wanna move in?

Batman: (over walkie-talkie) Let's follow.

Gordon: It stopped at Waterfront Street. The recycling plant.

Batman: I'm here.

Batman: It's a drug lab. Drops. This is a buy.

Gordon: Looks like they got Maroni's operation up and running again.

Batman: Or they never shut it down at all.

Gordon: What are you saying? The biggest drug bust in GCPD history was a fraud?

Batman: This just got complicated.

Gordon: What do you mean?

Batman: Dangerous crowd you're stealing from.

Selina: Jesus. Is this how you get your kicks, hon? Sneaking up on girls in the dark?

Batman: Is that why you work in the club? It was all just a score?

Selina: You know, I would love to sit and go over every gory detail with you, bad boy. But, uh... Those assholes are coming back--

Gordon: Jesus!

Cobblepot: Hey, Vengeance!

Cobblepot: You think you can come after my money, huh?!

Cobblepot: Kenzie, get the money!

Kenzie: Hey! What the--?!

Cobblepot: Whoa!

Cobblepot: C'mon! C'mon!

Cobblepot: This guy's crazy!

Cobblepot: C'mon!

Cobblepot: Move!

Cobblepot: Get outta the way!

Cobblepot: C'mon!

Cobblepot: Get outta the way!

Cobblepot: I got you! I got you! Take that, you friggin psycho! I got YOU!

[As if on cue, the Batmobile emerges from the flames like a diabolical chariot, catches up to Penguin's limo near instantly and hits it. The sheer force sends Oswald and his car in the air, as Bruce stops his vehicle, coming to a screeching halt. When the villain's limo finally stops, having hit the road several times and lost multiple parts, the Caped Crusaders exits his car and walks up to the mobster menacingly. He then takes him to Gordon.]

Cobblepot: The hell is this? Good cop, batshit cop?!

Batman: Who's the Riddler?

Cobblepot: Riddler?! How the hell should I know?!

Gordon: Let's make it easy for you, Oz. Cops caught you doing something. They were gonna shut you down, put you away. So you gave up a bigger fish to save your ass.

Batman: You ratted out Salvatore Maroni. His drops operation.

Gordon: But the cops, the city officials, the mayor, the DA, they got greedy, right? Wasn't enough, a big career-making bust, they wanted to take over the drops business, too, but they needed a minor-league mope like you to run it.

Batman: You don't just work for Carmine Falcone. You work for them, too.

Cobblepot: What are you, crazy?!

Batman: That why you killed the girl?

Cobblepot: I didn't kill no girl!

Batman: We know she worked for you at the 44 Below.

Gordon: But she got too close, right? Found out from Mitchell that you were the rat, so you killed her! But somehow, Riddler found out, too. He knows so much about you. You know about him.

Batman: Who is he?

Cobblepot: Boy, you two are a hell of a duet. You should start harmonizing! There's only one problem with your little scenario, okay? I ain't no rat! You got any idea what Carmine Falcone would do to me, he heard this kinda talk?!

Gordon: Oh, you don't wanna talk about rats, huh? Maybe we can talk about what they did to my partner's face!

Cobblepot: Holy god, what are you showing me?!

Gordon: This was around his head!

Cobblepot: C'monnn!

Gordon: OPEN YOUR EYES! Are you el rata allada?

Cobblepot: "El rata alada"?!

Gordon: Yeah, "rat with wings". A stool pigeon. That's not you? The symbols in the maze right here, it says "you are el rata allada!"

Cobblepot: "You are el rata alada", it says that?!

Gordon: Why, you got something to tell us?!

Cobblepot: Yeah! That's, like, the worst Spanish I ever heard.

Gordon: What?

Cobblepot: It's la. La rata. What, is this Riddler stupid, or something?! Jesus! Look at you two! World's greatest detectives! Am I the only one here who knows the difference between el and la?! Jesus! No habla español, fellas?!

Gordon: Do me a favor, shithead, shut up! You think he made a mistake?

Batman: He doesn't make mistakes.

Cobblepot: "A rat with wings". You know what that sounds like to me? A friggin bat! Huh?! You ever think of that?!

Batman: "You are el rata..." "U. R. L."

Gordon: Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he wasn't as smart as you--

Batman: Wait!

Gordon: Is that him?

[A bit of green text on the screen -- The Riddler: "Did you find him?"]

Gordon: Holy shit.

[Batman types back: "El rata alada?"]

[Riddler: Yes.]

[Batman: Maybe. Is a Penguin a rat with wings?]

[Riddler: Interesting. You're missing the big picture.]

Gordon: The hell does that mean, is he or isn't he?!

[Riddler: I need to show you more for you to understand. My next victim is the biggest piece of the puzzle yet.]

[Batman: Victim? Dead?]

[Riddler: He will be soon. Here's a clue for where you can find him...]

Gordon: (reading aloud) "I grew up from a seed, tough as a weed. But in a mansion, in a slum. I'll never know where I come from. Do you know what I am?" Any idea?

Batman: Yeah. It's an orphan.

[Batman: An orphan?]

[Riddler: Good bye.]

Batman: A mansion in a slum. He's talking about the old orphanage.

Gordon: The one that burned down?

Batman: It was part of the Wayne Estate. And they donated it, after they built the tower.

Gordon: Let's go.

Cobblepot: You guys realize I'm still here, right? You gonna untie me? How the hell am I supposed to get out of here?!


Batman: No guns.

Cobblepot: Y-Yeah, man, that's your thing.

Batman: What's that?

Gordon: Hey! HEY!

Gordon: Dropheads.

Gordon: The hell is that?

Thomas Wayne: Thank you. Thank you, so much, thank you, folks! Thank you all, thank you, uh... Thank you for coming today. I believe in Gotham. I believe in its promise. But too many have been left behind, for too long. And that's why I'm here today. To not only announce my candidacy for mayor, but also the creation of the Gotham Renewal Fund. Win or lose, the Wayne Foundation pledges a one billion dollar donation to start a charitable endowment for public works.

[Batman looks towards the wall on his left -- On it, the words "RENEWAL IS A LIE" splattered on the wall with green paint.]

Thomas Wayne: I wanna bypass political gridlocking and get money to people and projects who need it now, like these children.

Gordon: (reading) "Sins of the father..."

[Batman looks to his right -- on the opposite wall, those same words, again written with green paint. Thomas continues on in the background:]

Gordon: Renewal is about rebirth. It is about planting seeds and renewing Gotham's promise.

Batman: "...shall be visited upon the son."

Gordon: Jesus, his next victim is Bruce Wayne...

Gordon: Hey--!

Batman: Dory! I need to speak to Alfred!

Dory: Oh, Mister Wayne--

Batman: Listen to me! Something terrible is gonna happen!

Dory: I'm afraid it already has, sir.

Dory: About an hour ago. I'm so sorry. I've been trying to reach you!

Lead Detective: The package was intended for you. It was a C4 explosive, sent through the mail. We found this, too.

Doctor: We've sedated him. We just have to hope he stabilizes. You should go home, Mr. Wayne, get some sleep. Is there anyone else to notify? Next of kin?

Bruce: No. It's just me.

Bruce: Selina?

Selina: Can you see me?

Bruce: Yeah, I can see you.

Selina: I need to talk to you. Where can we go?

Batman: Cat burglar pulling another score?

Selina: What?

Batman: Wasn't sure I'd see you again.

Selina: Yeah, well, things are getting a little hot for me, so. How could they do that to her? That piece of shit cop, Kenzie. Her body was in his car! I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna make him pay. You gonna help me?

Batman: Help you?

Selina: Yeah. I thought you were Vengeance.

Batman: Your friend got involved with the wrong people, she didn't know any better. Maybe you should've explained it to her.

Selina: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Batman: It means your choices have consequences.

Selina: Jesus Christ, choices? Y'know, whoever the hell you are, you obviously grew up rich.

Batman: Was it worth it?

Selina: What?

Batman: Compromising yourself for money?

Batman: What'd you have to do to set up that score? How close did you have to get to Penguin? To Falcone?

Selina: You don't know what the hell you're talking about, Falcone owes me that money.

Batman: He owes you.

Selina: Yeah! And a lot more.

Batman: Oh, really? Why's that?

Selina: You know what? I can't even talk to you.

Batman: No! I wanna know why a guy like Falcone would owe you anything!


Selina: My mother worked at the 44 Below, just like Anni. She used to take me there when I was a little girl.

Batman: To the club?

Selina: Yeah. I hid out in the dressing room while she worked. I used to see him there. He scared the shit outta me. And I could never understand why he looked at me the way he did. Then, one night, my mother told me who he was. When I was 7, my mother was murdered. Strangled. Never found out who. Probably some creep from the club. Anyway, social services came to take me away, and he didn't say a thing. Couldn't even look at me. He owes me that money.

Batman: I'm sorry. For what I said.

Selina: Nah, it's alright. You assume the worst in people. Which, well... Maybe we're not so different after all.

Selina: Who are you under there? What are you hiding? Are you just... hideously scarred?

Batman: Yeah.

Selina: Listen to me. If we don't stand up for Annika, no one will. All anyone cares about in this place are these white privileged assholes. The mayor, the commissioner, the DA, now Thomas and Bruce Wayne. As far as I'm concerned, that psycho's right to go after these creeps! I think you'd be on his side.

Batman: What do you mean, "Thomas and Bruce Wayne"?

Selina: What, do you live in a cave? The Riddler's latest, it's all about the Waynes. Listen! If I can find that dickbag, Kenzie, will you help me? Please? C'mon, Vengeance...

Batman: Just don't make any moves without me, you understand? It's a lot more dangerous than you know--

Selina: I told you, baby. I can take care of myself.

Thomas Wayne: I'm Thomas Wayne, and I approve this message. From a very young age, my family and Martha's family, the Arkhams, instilled in both of us... That giving back is not just an obligation. It's a passion. That is our family's legacy.

The Riddler: The Waynes and the Arkhams: Gotham's founding families. But what is their real legacy? Twenty years ago, one reporter set out to uncover the dark truth -- he found shocking family secrets. How, when Martha was just a child, her mother brutally murdered her father, then committed suicide, and how the Arkhams used their power and money to cover it up. How Martha herself was in and out of institutions for years, and they didn't want anyone to know! Thomas Wayne tried to force this crusading reporter into a hush money agreement to save his mayoral campaign, but when the reporter refused?! Wayne turned to long-time secret associate Carmine Falcone and had him MURDERED! The Waynes and the Arkhams! Gotham's longtime legacy of lies and murder! I hope you're listening, Bruce Wayne, this is your legacy, too. And Gotham needs you to answer for the sins of your father... Goodbye.

Bruce: Do you know who I am?

Twin 1: You're Bruce Wayne.

Bruce: I wanna see Carmine Falcone.

Twin One: See?

Falcone: There was this guy who invented the ball, right? He must've made a fortune. Thinking about the concept, it's new, right? Fresco, you know how much this sweater cost?

Fresco: No, boss.

Falcone: One thousand one hundred and eighty two dollars. You know why communism failed, right? They're all staring! Alright. Alright! Perfect, it's never gonna be that good again.

Cobblepot: Hey! Johnny Slick! What're you doin' here?

Falcone: Give us a moment here, fellas.

Cobblepot: See ya, champ!

Fresco: C'mon, sweetheart.

Falcone: Have a seat. I thought I might hear from you. This Riddler sonuvabitch is really... Starting things up, huh?

Bruce: Is it true?

Falcone: What? That reporter business? What do you wanna know here, kid?

Bruce: Did you kill him, for my father?

Falcone: Look. Your father was in trouble. This reporter had some dirt. Some very... personal stuff about your mother. Your family history. Y'know, everybody's got their dirty laundry, that's just how it is. But you don't want none of it coming out, not right before the election. Your father tried to pay the guy off, but he wasn't going for it, so he came to me. I never seen him like that. He said, "Carmine, I want you to put the fear of God in this guy", and when fear isn't enough... Oof, y'know? Your father wanted me to handle it, so I did. I handled it.

Falcone: I know. You thought your father was a boy scout. But you'd be surprised what even a good man like him is capable of in the right situation. Do me a favor, don't lose any sleep over it. This reporter was a... A lowlife. He was on Maroni's payroll.

Bruce: Maroni?

Falcone: Oh, yeah, he could never stand your father and I had history. And after what happened with that reporter, Maroni was worried that your father would be in my pocket. Forever. He would've done anything to keep him from becoming mayor, you understand?

Bruce: Are you saying Salvatore Maroni got my father killed?

Falcone: Do I know it for a fact? I'm just saying, it sure looked that way to me. This is what you wanted, huh? This little conversation here? Ah. It's been a long time coming, huh? I mean, you ain't a kid no more.

Bruce: You lied to me. My whole life. I spoke to Carmine Falcone. He told me what he did, for my father. About Salvatore Maroni.

Alfred: He told you... Salvatore Maroni--

Bruce: Had my father killed. Why didn't you tell me all this? All these years I've spent fighting for him, believing that he was a good man--

Alfred: He was a good man. You listen to me. Your father was a good man. He made a mistake.

Bruce: Mistake?! He had a man killed. Why? To protect his family image? His political aspirtations?

Alfred: It wasn't to protect the family image, and he didn't have anyone killed. He was protecting your mother. He didn't care about his image or the campaign, any of that. He cared about her and you. And in a moment of weakness, he turned to Falcone, but he never thought Falcone would kill that man. Your father should've known that he would do anything to finally have something on him that he could use. That's who Falcone is! And that was your father's mistake. But when Falcone told him what he'd done, your father was distraught. He told Falcone that he was going to the police, that he would confess everything. And that night, your father and your mother were killed.

Bruce: It was Falcone.

Alfred: Oh, I wish I knew for sure. Maybe it was some random mugger on the street who needed money, got scared and pulled the trigger too fast, if you don't think I've spent every day searching for that answer... It was my job to protect 'em, you understand? I know you always blamed yourself, but you were only a boy, Bruce! I could see the fear in your eyes. But I didn't know how to help. I could teach you how to fight, but... I wasn't equipped to take care of you, you needed a father! And all you had was me... I'm sorry.

Bruce: Don't be sorry, Alfred. God, I... I never thought I'd feel fear like that agin. I thought I'd mastered all that. I mean... I'm not afraid to die. But I realize now there's something I haven't got past. This fear of ever going through any of that again. Of losing somebody I care about.

Gordon: Hey...

Batman: I saw the signal. That's not you?

Gordon: I thought it was you!

Selina: I found him!

Batman: I see that.

Selina: He had my shit, my phone. She left a message the night they took her, she called me!

Kenzie: Gordon! Help me out, man, she got my gun!

Selina: SHUT UP!

Batman: Put the gun down.

Selina: I'm telling you, goddammit, she called me!

Selina: Here. Listen.

Kenzie: [voicemail] Hey! Get back here! Where you goin?!

Annika: [voicemail] Nowhere!

Kenzie: [voicemail] C'mere!

Falcone: [voicemail] Hey! What are you doing, Kenzie? You're scaring her!

Kenzie: [voicemail] I'm s- I'm sorry, Mr. Falcone.

Annika: [voicemail] Please don't hurt me, please, please, please--!

Falcone: [voicemail] Hey, don't be scared. C'mere. Now let me ask you again: What did Mitchell tell you?

Annika: [voicemail] N-Nothing! He--

Falcone: [voicemail] Don likes to talk, I know that. Especially to pretty girls like you. That's why I made him take your passport, until we could have this little conversation.

Annika: [voicemail] I promise to get out of here okay? You'll never hear from me again, nobody will, please--!

Falcone: [voicemail] I will get out outta here, I promise! But first, I gotta know... What did he tell you?

Annika: [voicemail] He... He just said they all made a deal with you.

Falcone: [voicemail] Oh. Oh, he told you about that, huh? The deal.

Annika: [voicemail] He-- He said you gave some information on some drops thing, and that's how he became mayor. He said you were a very important man.

Falcone: [voicemail] Right. Mm-hm. Mmm. Okay.

[Sounds of a struggle. Annika screaming, then choking.]

Falcone: [voicemail] Just take it easy...

Gordon: Jesus, he's strangling her...

Falcone: [voicemail] Take it easy...

Batman: El Ratta Alada... A falcon has wings, too.

Gordon: Falcone is the rat?!

Gordon: Falcone works for you guys? The mayor? The DA?

Kenzie: No. We work for him. Everybody does.

Batman: How?

Kenzie: Through Renewal. Renewal is everything.

Gordon: The Renewal fund?

Kenzie: Yeah. After Thomas Wayne died, they all went after it like vultures. The mayor. Falcone, Maroni, everyone got in on it. It was perfect for making bribes, laundering money. A huge charitable fund with no oversight? Everybody got a piece. But Falcone wanted more. So we orchestrated a play to take Maroni down, big. He ratted out his drops operation. Made the carreers of everybody that went after him. Then installed them all as his puppets. You think this goddamn election matters? Falcone's the mayor. He's been the mayor for the last twenty years.

Selina: C'mon, Vengeance. Let's go kill that son of a bitch. This creep, too, let's finish this.

Batman: No!

Batman: We'll get him. But not that way.

Selina: There is no other way! He owns the city!

Batman: Cross that line, you'll become just like him. Listen to me. Don't throw your life away.

Selina: Don't worry, honey. I got nine of 'em.

Gordon: She won't get out of there alive! And if she kills Falcone, we may never find the Riddler!

Batman: I have to stop her.

Gordon: Don't you mean "we"?

Batman: I gotta do this my way.

Gordon: And then what?

Batman: We do what Riddler said: Bring the rat into the light.

Selina: Can you tell Mister Falcone I'd like to come up?

Bouncer: He ain't seein' nobody tonight.

Selina: Tell him it's about Annika.

Falcone: Hey! Look who it is, huh?

Selina: Sorry to bother you.

Falcone: Nah, it's all fine, beautiful.

Selina: I was just hoping I could talk to you for a minute?

Falcone: Absolutely.

Selina: Alone?

Twin One: Hey--!

Selina: I'm just so worried! I don't know where she is... And I know that you're a very important man, I was hoping that maybe you could help me find her, because she's... Because she's been gone so long, I'm beginning to think she's-- I'm sorry.

Falcone: It's okay.

Selina: I'm so sorry!

Falcone: It's okay, I understand. Here.

Selina: No, it's okay, I have a tissue.

Vinny: Mister Falcone.

Falcone: Vinny! Didn't I tell ya--?!

Vinny: I'm sorry, Mister Falcone. I really think you're gonna wanna see this.

Falcone: I'm sorry, beautiful. I'm gonna be right back.

Falcone: Holy shit.

Female News Anchor 2: That recording, provided to GC1 by Lieutenant James Gordon of the Gotham PD, and we should warn you -- the contents are extremely graphic, and some of you may find it disturbing.

Annika: [voicemail] He... He just said they all made a deal with you.

Falcone: [voicemail] Oh. Oh, he told you about that, huh? The deal.

Annika: [voicemail] He-- He said you gave some information on some drops thing, and that's how he became mayor. He said you were a very important man.

Falcone: [voicemail] Right. Mm-hm. Mmm. Okay.

[Sounds of a struggle. Annika screaming, then choking.]

Selina: Hey, dad.

Falcone: What?

Selina: I'm Maria Kyle's kid. You remember her?

Falcone: Yeah. Just... Just put down the gun, honey.

Selina: This is for my mother.

Falcone: You don't think this hurts me?

Falcone: My own flesh and blood, huh?!

Falcone: You made me do this, just like your mother!

Selina: He has to pay!

Batman: You don't have to pay with him. You've paid enough.

Falcone: Jesus! Look at you, man, what do you-- What do you think this is? You think you're gonna scare me with that mask and that cape? I'm gonna start crying and all of a sudden some big secret's coming out? Let me tell you something. Whatever I know, whatever I've done... It's all going with me, to my grave.

Falcone: What, are you with Zorro over here? Don't you know you boys in blue work for me?

Gordon: I guess we don't all work for you.

Gordon: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, the City of Gotham will provide one to you, do you understand these rights? Do you understand?

Falcone: Yeah. I'll see you when I walk out.

Gordon: With these rights in mind, is there anything else you wish to tell me?

Cobblepot: Goddamn rat.

Falcone: What'd you just say?

Cobblepot: Enjoy your night at Blackgate, Carmine. Probably be your last.

Falcone: Ooh, so you're a big man now, Oz, huh?

Cobblepot: Maybe I am.

Falcone: Really, Oz? Because to me, you were always just a gimp in an empty suit.

Cobblepot: I'll spraypaint your ass!

Cobblepot: What are you doin', what's the big-- I didn't shoot! I didn't shoot! Get your hands offa me!

Batman: "Bring him into the light... and you'll find where I'm at."

Martinez: Here! The shots came from up there!

Batman: It's Riddler.

Gordon: Paige, on me. Martinez, 'round back! Nobody gets in there, nobody gets out!

Batman: He's gone.

Gordon: He's been here this whole time!

Detective: Lieutenant! Martinez!

Gordon: Yeah?!

Martinez: Lieutenant, we got a wintess saying she saw someone coming down the fire escape right after the shots, she said he went into the corner diner. The guy's sitting by himself at the counter right now.

Officer: Police! Hands up!

Gordon: He said put your goddamn hands up, you son of a bitch!

Riddler: I just ordered a slice of pumpkin pie--

Martinez: Stay still! Now!

Martinez: Which one's you?!

Riddler: You tell me!

Martinez: Let's go, pencil-neck!

Officer: Get this sunovabitch outta here!

Female Reporter: --where even murdered mayor Don Mitchell Junior's wife and son have gathered in an emotional show of city unity...

Martinez: Hey...

Gordon: What are all these, diaries?

Forensics Head: They're ledgers. He's got thousands! He scrawled all over 'em, ramblings, ciphers, codes...

Female Investigator: Got something back on one of the IDs: "Edward Nashton", he works at KTMJ, he's a forensic accountant.

Cop: Hey, lieutenant! You really okay with this? What about chain of evidence?

Batman: You should see this.

Gordon: He's wearing gloves. [reading aloud] "Friday, July 16th -- My life has been a cruel riddle I could not solve, suffocating my mind, no escape. But then today, I saw it, a single word sitting on this ledger sitting on the desk beside me -- "Renewal". The empty promise they sold to me as a child in that orphanage. One look inside, and finally, I understood. My whole life has been preparing me for this. The moment when I would learn the truth -- when I could finally strike back and expose their lies. If you want people to understand, really understand, you can't just give them the answers. You have to confront them. Torture them with the horrifying questions just like they tortured me. I know now what I must become." Jesus... I don't think that rat likes you, man.

Batman: This one's not a rat.

Gordon: What is that?

Cop: Some kinda pry tool?

Forensics Head: That a chisel?

Batman: It's the murder weapon. Killed Mitchell with it. The edge'll match the floorboard impression in the Mayor's study.

Gordon: "My confession"...? What's he confessing to? He already told us he killed Mitchell.

Batman: This isn't over.

Tech Department Detective: Aw, man, he's been posting all kinds of shit online. He's got, like, five hundred followers, real fringe types. His final post was last night. Some video. Got a lot of views, but it's password protected.

Gordon: Can you get it?

Tech Department Detective: Copying his drive now. It'll take some time, but we'll get in.

Gordon: Show me the post.

Tech Department Detective: It's right here.

Gordon: "Truth Unmasked"?

Batman: I think I'm his last target.

Gordon: You?

Batman: Maybe this is all coming to an end.

Gordon: What is?

Batman: The Batman.

Gordon: Yeah?

Gordon: Right. Riddler's asking for you, at Arkham.

Batman: You're a good cop.

The Riddler / Edward Nashton: I told you I'd see you in hell.

Batman: What do you want from me?

Nashton: Want? Oh, if only you knew how long I've been waiting for this day. For this moment. I've been invisible my whole life. I guess I won't be any more, will I? They'll remember me now. They'll remember both of us. Bruce... Wayne. Bruuuuce... Wayne... [sigh] You know, I was there that day. The day the great Thomas Wayne announced he was running for mayor, made all those promises. But a week later, he was dead, and everybody just forgot about us. All they could talk about was poor Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne, the orphan. Orphan? Living in some tower over the park isn't being an orphan. Looking down on everyone with all that money, don't you tell me... Do you know what being an orphan is? It's thirty kids to a room, twelve years old and already a drophead, numbing the pain. You wake up screaming, with rats chewing your fingers. And every winter, one of the babies die because it's so cold. But, oh no! Let's talk about the billionaire with the lying dead daddy because it makes the money go down easy, doesn't it? Bruce. Wayne.

Nashton: He's the only one we didn't get.

Nashton: But we got the rest of 'em, didn't we? All those slick, sleazy, phony pricks? God, look at you... Your mask is amazing. I wish you could've seen me in mine. Ain't it funny? All everyone wants to do is unmask you, but they're missing the point. You and I both know I'm looking at the real you right now. My mask allowed me to be myself completely, no shame. No limits.

Batman: Why did you write me?

Nashton: What do you mean?

Batman: All those cards...

Nashton: I told you. We've been doing this together, you're a part of this.

Batman: We didn't do anything together.

Nashton: We did! What did we just do? I asked you to bring him in the light and you did, we're such a good team.

Batman: We're not a team.

Nashton: I never could've gotten him out of there, I... I'm not physical, my strength is up here, I mean, I... I had all the pieces, I had the answers, but I didn't know how to make them listen, you gave me that!

Batman: I gave you nothing.

Nashton: You showed me what was possible! You showed me all it takes is fear and a little focused violence. You inspired me!

Batman: You're out of your goddamn mind.

Nashton: What?

Batman: This is all in your head, you're sick. Twisted.

Nashton: How can you say that?!

Batman: You think you'll be remembered?! You're a pathetic psychopath, banking on attention! You're gonna die alone in Arkham!

Nashton: No, no, no, no!

Batman: A nobody!

Nashton: No! Ah, this is not how this is supposed to go! I had it all planned out! We were gonna be safe here! We could watch the whole thing together!

Batman: Watch what?

Nashton: Everything!

Nashton: It was all there. You mean you didn't figure it out? Oh, you're really not as smart as I thought you were. I guess I gave you too much credit,

Batman: What have you done?

Nashton: What's black and blue and dead all over? You. If you think you can stop what's coming.

Batman: What have you done?!

Nashton: Ave maria...


[Nashton continues singing. Batman pounds on the glass.]


Martinez: Hey! What're you doing in here?

Martinez: Hey, man, I don't think that you should be touching that.

Martinez: Boy, this guy's a real nutjob, huh? Killing Mitchell with a friggin' carpet tool.

Martinez: Oh, my uncle's a... He's an installer. Y'know, it's a... Oh, you know... It's a tucker.

Martinez: Hey, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? What are you doing?!

The Riddler: Hey, guys. Uh, thanks for all the comments, and, uh, a special thanks to everyone for the tips on detonators.

Martinez: Detonators...?

Riddler: I just wanna say, this'll be my last post for a little while. And, uh... What this community has meant to me these weeks, these months... Let's just say that none of us is alone any more, m'kay?

Martinez: Jesus.

Riddler: Tomorrow's election day, [he laughs] and Bella Réal will win. She promised real change. But we know the truth, don't we? You've seen Gotham's face now. Together, we've unmasked it -- its corruption, its perversion masquerading under the guise of renewal. But unmasking is not enough. The day of judgement is finally upon us. And now, it is time for retribution. I've parked seven vans all along the city's sea wall, and on the big night, they will go boom.

Riddler: When the vans blow, the flooding will happen so fast, evacuation will not be an option. Those who are not washed away will race through the streets in terror.

Batman: Call Gordon.

Martinez: Yeah! Yeah, yeah!

Riddler: breaking news hits higher ground at Gotham Square Garden, and celebration turns to panic as the venue becomes the city's shelter of last resort. And that's where all of you come in.

Riddler: And when the time arrives, I will already be unmasked, the pigs will have me in their custody, but that's okay. Because then, it will be your turn. You'll be there, waiting.

Riddler: It's time for the lies to finally end, false promises of Renewal! Change?! We'll give 'em a real, real change now! We've spent our lives in this wretched place, SUFFERING! Spending our lives wondering, "Why us?!" Now they will spend their last moments wondering "Why them?!"

Martinez: I can't get through, the lines are down!

Cop: Hey, hey, hey! Road's closed!

Selina: Hey, I'm just trying to get outta town, man!

Cop: Lady, we got bombs going off! The whole city's flooding! You're gonna have to go inside the garden with everyone else!

Gordon: Lieutenant, who's in charge?

Lieutenant: I really don't know, we're just trying to get a handle here, sir!

Gordon: Right! Hey, listen, QUIET! We got an active situation. We need to sweep the building for explosives and get the mayor-elect outta here now! Where is she?

Cop: I can take you there.

Gordon: Come!

Gordon: MCU.

Firefighter: If we don't close those doors soon, we're gonna have huge problems, the water's already starting to breach.

Réal: I thought this was a shelter of last resort.

Firefighter: Yeah, for a hurricane, but not if the whole sea wall comes down.

Réal: I am not gonna let those people die out there! Alright. I'll go calm down the crowd so we can get everyone in.

Gordon: It's not safe for you here. We need to get you out, Miss Réal.

Réal: I'm not going anywhere!

Gordon: We're under attack, m'am!

Réal: Exactly! That's the problem with this city -- everyone's afraid to stand up and do the right thing! Well, I'm not. Excuse me.

Gordon: M'am!

Réal: Everyone! Everyone, if I could get your attention-- Please, I just need your attention!

Gordon: You're okay!

Gordon: Hey! HEY! How do I get up there?!

Firefighter: Follow me, sir!

Selina: No, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's done now. It's done. It's over.

Gordon: Hey! HEY! Hey, man, take it easy! Take it easy...

Gordon: Jesus...

Gordon: Who the hell are you?

Bitter Nobody: Me? I'm vengeance.

Bruce: Wednesday, November Sixth. The city is underwater. The National Guard is coming. Martial Law is in effect. But the criminal element never sleeps. Looting and lawlessness will be rampant in the parts of the city no one can get to. I can already see things will get worse before they get better. And some will seize the chance to grab everything they can...

Mayor Bella Reál: We will rebuild. But not just our city. We must rebuild people's faith in our institutions. In our elected officials... In each other. Together, we will learn to believe in Gotham again.

Bruce Wayne: I'm starting to see now. I have had an effect here... but not the one I intended. Vengeance won't change the past. Mine, or anyone else's. I have to become more. People need hope. To know someone's out there for them. The city's angry. Scarred. Like me. Our scars can destroy us. Even after the physical wounds have healed. But if we survive them, they can transform us. They can give us the power to endure, and the strength to fight.

[In Arkham, the Riddler wails as Gotham's news stations report on the Batman's victory. He stares, despondent, banging on the glass door to his cell. A messy-haired inmate peeks out of another cell door.]

Arkham Inmate: Isn't that terrible? Him, raining on your parade like that?

[The inmate tuts, disappointed. The Riddler slides down and sits near the door of his cell.]

Arkham Inmate: What is it they say? One day, you're on top. The next, you're a clown. Well...

[The Riddler shoots to his feet and runs over to his window.]

Arkham Inmate: Let me tell you, there are worse things to be.

[The Riddler begins to moan, devastated.]

Arkham Inmate: Hey, hey, hey, don't be sad! You did so well. And, you know... Gotham loves a comeback story.

[Riddler, curious, makes his way over to the door.]

The Riddler: Who are you?

Arkham Inmate: Well, that's the question, isn't it? Riddle me this: "The less of them you have, the more one is worth"...

The Riddler: A friend.

[Pleased, the inmate begins to laugh, softly at first before it escalates into a full-blown, familiar cackle. The Riddler soon joins in. Pull back from the row of cells as the Riddler and the Joker laugh on into the night.]

Batman: You're leaving?

Selina: Jesus. Don't you ever just say hello?

Batman: Where will you go?

Selina: I don't know. Upstate? Bludhaven, maybe. Why? You askin' me to stay? You know this place is never gonna change. With Carmine gone, it's only gonna get worse for you. There's gonna be a power grab. It'll be bloody.

Batman: I know. But the city can change.

Selina: It won't.

Batman: I have to try.

Selina: It's gonna kill you eventually, you know that. Listen... Why don't you come with me? Get into some trouble? Knock off some CEO Hedge Fund Types, it'll be fun! The Bat and the Cat. It's got a nice ring...

Selina: Who am I kidding? You're already spoken for.

Selina: You should go.

Batman: Selina... Take care of yourself.

Deleted Scene - Arkham Interrogation[]

[The Joker hums.]

Joker: A present... Almost our anniversary, isn't it?

Batman: There's a serial killer. I want your perspective.

Joker: Our first anniversary is paper... What makes you think I'd go so cheap?

Batman: I thought you'd be curious.

Joker: You think I get off on this stuff?

Batman: Don't you?

Joker: You have pictures... Ooh, there's violence! And so baroque... He likes little puzzles, doesn't he? So meticulous. Like he's been planning this his whole life. I know who he is.

Batman: Who? Who is he?

Joker: He's a nobody. Wants to be somebody. The mayor, the commissioner... Yeah. He's got ambition.

Batman: You think his motive is political?

Joker: Oh, no, no, no. This is very, very personal. He feels these people have all wronged him. Probably goes way back. Unhealed wounds, stolen lunch money...

Batman: Why is he writing to me?

Joker: Maybe he's a fan of yours? [chuckles softly] Or maybe he's got a grudge against you, too. Maybe you're the main course. Any theories?

Batman: Not yet.

Joker: Really? You're normally so ahead of the curve. But something is different this time. This is very upsetting to you.

Batman: Let's get back to him.

Joker: Why? You're so much more fun!

Batman: I'm not here to talk about me.

Joker: What are you here to talk about?

Batman: I wanna know how he thinks.

Joker: You know exactly how he thinks. Have you read this file? You two have so much in common. Masked avengers, huh? 'Cept he's even more righteous, huh? Aw, you're afraid he makes you look soft!

Batman: You're wasting my time.

Joker: Okay! I'll tell you what I really think. I think... You don't really care about his motives, whether he loves or hates you... I think, somewhere deep down, you're just terrified, 'cause you're not sure he's wrong, huh? You think they deserved it, huh?! You think they deserved it!