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"Thank you for coming today. I believe in Gotham. I believe in its promise. But too many have been left behind for too long, and that's why I am here today. To announce, not only my candidacy for mayor, but also the creation of the Gotham Renewal Fund. Win or lose, the Wayne Foundation pledges a one billion dollar donation to start a charitable endowment for public works. I want to bypass political gridlock, and get money to people and projects who need it now, like these children behind me. Renewal is about growth. It is about planting seeds and renewing Gotham's promise."
―Thomas Wayne.[src]

Doctor Thomas Wayne was a billionaire philanthropist, socialite, mayoral candidate, and former CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He was the father of Bruce Wayne and the husband of the late Martha Wayne.[1]


Early Life[]

A member of the prominent Wayne Family, Thomas Wayne became a billionaire and CEO of Wayne Enterprises through unknown means. He married Martha Wayne and had a son with her who they named Bruce And soon Opening Wayne Hospital

Saving Carmine Falcone [1999][]

One night, Carmine Falcone showed up at the Wayne Manor doorstep with a bullet wound in his chest and asked Thomas to save his life, since he couldn't go to the hospital due to being a criminal. Thomas decided to operate on Falcone on his dining table and he saved his life. Unknowing to Thomas, Bruce watched the whole thing from his stairwell.[1]


"Carmine, I want you to put the fear of God into this guy."
―Thomas Wayne to Carmine Falcone[src]

Using his wealth, Thomas opened the Gotham Orphanage, which became an interest published at The Gotham Times. At some point, Thomas tried to run for mayor of Gotham City.[2] During Thomas' run for Mayor, a Gotham Gazette reporter named Edward Elliot learned that his wife's parents killed themselves and Martha had spent time in and out of institutions due to mental illness. He threatened to expose Martha's illness to the world. Thomas, not caring about his political career and only about Martha and Bruce, tried to bribe him and sue him in order to prevent from running the story. When he he refused, Thomas went to Carmine and asked him to put the "fear of god" into Elliot and forcing him to not run the story. Unfortunately, Elliot turned up dead.[1]

Assassination [October 2001][]

One night On October 2001 when walking home from seeing a movie with their son, both Thomas and Martha were gunned down by a mugger, right in front of their son, who was adopted by the Wayne Family butler Alfred Pennyworth, and because of this grew up to become a vengeful vigilante. Meanwhile, his work with Falcone caught the eye of the serial killer known as the Riddler, who wished to expose Thomas and destroy his legacy.[1]


"I know. You thought your father was a boy scout. But you'd be surprised what even a good man like him is capable of in the right situation."
―Carmine Falcone to Bruce Wayne about Thomas Wayne.[src]

Thomas Wayne was a good man, who created an orphanage and help people in need. However when Elliot threatened to exposed his wife’s privacy to the world, he went to Carmine Falcone out of desperation to protect his family rather than wanting to save face or defend his political ambitions, that he didn't want the journalist killed, and that he regretted what happened to the man so much that he was prepared to tell the police everything to rat out Falcone before his untimely death.


  • Master Physician: Thomas was able to perform complex surgery on Carmine Falcone to remove a bullet from Falcone's chest.[1] The fact that Thomas performed the surgery from his own home, on his dining room table, without hospital resources is a testament to his skill as a surgeon.






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